Monday, August 25, 2008

The lone ranger
I'm a little nervous. I probably shouldn't be & everything will be OK, but Bill is leaving for a business trip in the morning & will be gone for the next day & a half (two days?). While I'm having contractions on a regular basis throughout the day, he'll be halfway across the country - Portland, no less.

First & foremost, I am VERY jealous. I miss Portland badly & want to go back for a visit as much as I want to eat ice cream every night. We're hoping to take a family vacation there this summer, so it's not a far off dream, but still. I want to go. But not while pregnant. Because I can't eat the sushi or drink the beer. On the other hand, it would suck more than anything to go into labor while he's gone. Not saying that I think it will happen, but with our luck - you never know. I'm so glad I have a lot of friends that I can call for labor support & child care if anything like that should happen.

However, I am slightly anxious about taking care of Logan all by myself from sun up to sun down for the next two days. Bill's been getting up early to take of Logan's breakfast & getting him bathed & into bed at night (because it hurts me to do so). This is a time where I think to myself, "how on earth do single pregnant mothers do it". I am exhausted as it is, I can't put on my own shoes without sounding like a grunting jungle animal & getting through Logan's bath time routine should result in me being awarded a gold medal. Or something like that.

I hope the next couple of days go by quickly & painlessly.


Liz said...

me? i'd let the kid go without a bath for a few days.
you'll surprise yourself. but don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. even if it's just to sit and veg out for a half-hour.

Brandy said...

you can put him in the shower with you! Some may not agree, but I do it often.