Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The end of summer
All of the kids have gone back to school this week, the weather has been gradually getting cooler & bikini season is officially over. Oddly, this year I really liked bikini season while being pregnant (before stretch marks got a little crazy). I guess it's more fun to wear when your stomach is supposed to be big. I would have never gone without the board shorts though because my butt looks horrific at this point. This is probably the last time I'll wear this number again until next summer (when I better be at pre-pregnancy size).

35 weeks pregnant

Belly Hugs

New hair cuts & cute smiles


erica said...

I cannot get over how amazing you look. You're just absolutely GLOWING!! I want your belly; it's so small and sweet compared to my gigantic elephant of a thing. :( (lol)

And I love love love how Logan will pose for pictures with you - I cannot get my kid to do that, probably couldn't do it even with a bribe of a truckload of chocolate.

Dawn B said...

The comment above is awesome. How do you get Logan to pose like that? LOL And you look amazing!!!! Only 5 weeks left?? Holy s#@t!!! lol

tyfamilyadventures said...

You look great and what a cute hair cut..

Eriness said...

You look great! I moved my blog to

girl from florida said...

You are GORGEOUS!!!