Saturday, August 23, 2008

Strike a pose
Since this is going to be our last baby & I will never (hopefully) be pregnant again, it's important to me to record as many memories of pregnancy as I can. The one aspect I missed with Logan was belly shots. I got a few towards the end, taking a picture by month, but nothing compared to the weekly/bi-weekly pictures I've been taking with Carter. The other photographic evidence I missed out on was a maternity photo shoot, because, let's face it - they aren't cheap & we didn't have the funds to even think about it with Logan.

Photographer friend has been one of my most awesome friends ever. From helping take care of Logan during our trips to labor & delivery, listening to me cry about random stressors, sharing our pregnancies & losses (she's pregnant again after a loss), hosting a baby shower for me, going out for a lunch that saved my life while I was sick, to taking our family portraits for free - including all of our prints (custom designed announcements & holiday cards, too). This morning we went over to her house/studio for my maternity session. With everything she's done & continues to do - I don't know how to thank her enough.

The session this morning was fun, even with Logan screaming his head off again. I don't know what's up with that boy, but every photo shoot we have, he melts down & is the most difficult subject to photograph. It wasn't important that he be in many of the shots this time, so it was a whole lot less stressful. I think we got maybe one or two with him, more of Bill & myself together & after that, they went upstairs to watch Sponge Bob with Little M while I did the belly shots & more "artistic" poses.

This is the great thing about having your pictures taken by a professional - you have great lighting & they have the photoshop skills to edit out ugly stretch marks (which, YES, I have requested for professional pictures). You are photographed in ways that you could never do on your own, with props (fans & sheer wraps!) & really, you look like a completely different person compared to the snaps shots you take with your point & shoot at home. Professional photographers make you look amazing.

She showed me a couple on her view screen & they looked so nice. I can't wait to see what she has after she goes through the proofing & editing. As much as I feel like a fat cow, I know that the pictures she took are beautiful & I will cherish how my pregnant body looked for years to come.

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