Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spreading the love

At the end of last week, Dawn let me know how much she enjoyed this little blog here by sending on over the "I love Your Blog" award. I love reading hers too & have been reading since before James was born, who is the same age as Logan. Three years is a long time to read a blog & keep up with a family! She's been a big source of positivity in her comments & in her posts on her blog about the challenges her family faces throughout the years. Someone I should take some notes from!

When I first started reading "mommy blogs", it was a great way to peek into the world of other bloggers living similar lives, being pregnant & first time mothers. Pearls of wisdom were found & appreciated, but mostly, friendships were made from around the world. Over the years I've kept up with all of my original favorites, reading about their kids growing up from babies to preschoolers, watching families grow from one to two kids. I've read about life struggles, blogging ruts & personal triumphs. It's amazing how you get to know someone through their blog.

So, without further ado, I'm passing this on to all of the blogs that I've kept up with from the beginning. While I may not comment as often as I used to, I still read daily & I probably always will until the end. I still love all of the "newer" blogs that I've been reading & have added to my link list, but the original blogs will always hold a special place in my heart. Be warned, this list may be a bit long. I guess there's a lot of love to spread!

2 Pink Lines
Reesh had Lily on the same day I had Logan. I remember reading her birth story as I was in early labor, so excited for her & not knowing I was going to be in the same situation shortly there after. Since then, she had another daughter (Nadia) & has started up a smoothie business with her sister, so she's super busy & I miss her frequent posts.

Girl From Florida
I've read GFF grow so much as a woman over the years, often moving away from friends & family & having to re-root herself with her incredibly adorable daughter, Amelia. I admire her ability to juggle both motherhood & work & am envious of her scholastic achievements. She's one freakin' smart cookie! I also love her pictures & her passion for good food.

Hilarities Ensue
I love Liz. She's great, smart & her writing is something I look forward to everyday. And, I'm sure if we had met pre-kids at a Phish lot or some other concert, we would have had a great time. Not many other moms share the same taste in music as we do in this house! I also remember her son's birthday shortly after Logan was born & Liz has been a wonderful source of advice (not assvice) throughout the years.

Hola, Isabel
Reading her blog often reminds me of how much I miss living in the Pacific Northwest (rain & all!). With a newborn Logan on my lap, I remember reading about the arrival of Babboo. I've also been amazed at the skills of her husband who built their house with his own two hands. Amazing.

It's all about Paisley
P is one cute kid. I mean, C-U-T-E, kind of cute. She has as much spunk as Logan & I think it would be HILARIOUS if the two of them should ever meet. Ashley has been through a lot since motherhood & is a great source of inspiration to keep doing what you've got to do.

From "mommy blog" morphed to more of a food blog, I will always be an avid reader no matter what direction she takes her writing. Al & Logan are only a few months apart & much like the other blogs, I remember the day he was born. I love her style, love of food & love reading about how she tries to balance that with a fitness goal, motherhood & work.

Mommy Musings
Although her oldest son is a little bit older than Logan, I've been readings Jen's blog for some time. We share a lot of similarities in our lives from our wacky-crazy in-laws to living through our pregnancies with hyperemesis. We've had many phone calls & novel length emails about things going on in our lives & I'm thankful that she's there to lend a listening ear (or eye). And sorry, she's private (for very good reason!).

Our Sweet Little Girl
One of the private blogs on my list, unfortunately you won't get the chance to read about a super cute girly-girl. However, addicted from the beginning (& before she went private) it's been so fun to watch how our kids have grown & how much boys are innately different than girls. As different as the gender extremes of our children are, they still share similar personalities & it's great to read about another mom going through the same preschooler shenanigans that we go through.

The Boyd Girls
Caroline & Logan are the same age & it's been fun reading how their family has grown from one to two little girls. Keri is a very creative mom, finding so many activities to do to keep her kids entertained throughout the day. I often read what they've done thinking to myself, "Why didn't I think of that!".

The Three Apostles
I really like Erica's sense of humor, dry & sarcastic, I totally get it. Kira is the same age as Logan, but by reading her blog you would think Kira is much older - she's sharp as a tack. I also think it's kind of crazy how our first kids are so close in age & now our second pregnancies are on the same time line too. She's one that I'll be reading for a long time to come.

Thanks for the years of support through comments & sharing your lives on your own blogs!!!


Liz said...

sending love right back atcha!

(did you hear that phish may reunite and tour again??)

Isabel said...

Isn't it crazy how long we've all been connected online? Having you actually put a number on it made me freak out a little bit....THREE YEARS!!

Dawn B said...

wow..yeah... 3 years! whoa.. but it doesn't even seem like it!
And girl, I have taken notes from you already, so we're even. ha!

girl from florida said...

Wow, thank you so much!!! You totally just made my day... seriously. I can't wait to check out some of the other blogs you listed, too. xoxo