Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The pity party is over
Obviously, yesterday was a rough day. Not only were lawsuits, taxes & The Conversation on our minds but we also found out that the fitness blog project in which I would get paid to write, was pulled. We are entitled to our grumpy days & I was taking full advantage of that.

Then this morning it hit me.

As the smell of freshly brewing coffee filled the house, watching Logan dance in place with excitement as Bill put on his socks (Logan loves to watch him put his shoes & socks on) in the newly vacuumed living room...there was happiness in the house. It was a pajamas moment.

It didn't matter that we had a grumpy day yesterday. It didn't matter that there was a mess of problems going on in our grown-up adult world. Our home was still a happy place. It felt good.

I felt even better after balancing the finances (I know, sounds crazy). We are still tight, pinching pennies & living simply. It's still stressful. But, I felt good because I realized that without starting cyber-training on The Other Blog, we would have been in a very bad place & possibly bounced checks (which we've never done before). Where I once thanked Stefanie for her business because I was able to buy Logan a pair of shoes without worry, I'm now thanking everyone who has been training with me because it's saved our family from even more struggle & possibly, a terrible predicament.

Yes, life can be hard at times. And yet again I'm reminded that it could be much harder than it is.


Lizzy said...

OHMYGOODNESS--I'm such a bad blogger friend. You emailed me a week or three ago seeking advice on putting together a proposal. And I? I didn't reply. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry.
But I love the pajama moment.
And your great attitude...

Wendy said...

what a great attitude:) We are also struggling with money right now and it seems that when things are about to get bad, Michael gets overtime or extra work! We feel so lucky about that! We definetly try to not let those things get to us which is not easy! Especially with a new baby!

Erin said...

As always, you have good perspective. Sets me straight to read your blog.

Also, I love that you included "newly vacuumed floor" in your pajama moment description. There is something about a newly vacuumed floor which makes me want to roll around like a dog. It almost motivates me to clean my house...