Friday, April 06, 2007

Things I've never posted about before
This tag by Erin is a nice break from the "life crap" that has seemed to be in a lull for the next couple of days (until we have The Conversation, anyway). I'm supposed to write about five things that I've never posted on the blog before.

Now I found this funny because, what haven't I posted on the blog! I do live an open life, spilling the beans about my life, venting my frustrations about Bill's family & all of the boring stuff in the middle. There's one part of my life that I will never write about & that's the personal relationship between Bill & myself in our marriage. I may touch on some things here & there, but most of it will stay private. Some chose to write TMI about that part of their life & that's their choice, but it's not for me. Especially since I have friends & family that read this. Nor do I want to potentially set up an incident where Logan would find that info & need years of therapy to erase what he just read.

So now that I covered what I won't write about, onto what I haven't....

  1. I've been doing "deep relaxation" in counseling sessions, which honestly, I think is hypnosis. But I don't know the difference. We started this to help decrease the flashbacks that I was having recently. The first time I "went under", it was a very strange experience that brought on an immediate anxiety attack. I was completely relaxed on the couch, she started counting down. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6...." As she got closer & closer to 1, my muscles started to tense up, my chest & stomach twisted, I couldn't breath & bam. Panic attack. I still stayed "relaxed" & we did what we needed to do. After the session & for the rest of the day, I was completely wiped out. It actually freaked me out a little too. But, we did it a few more times & each time, the attacks were less intense. Now, I'm not having any flashbacks at all & the last time we did "deep relaxation", it was great.
  2. I love cats more than dogs. For years & years I asked Bill if we could get a cat. He always said no because he was allergic. I didn't believe him & kept asking. When we lived in Portland, my biological clock started ticking, big time. It didn't take much to convince Bill that if we went to the pound & picked up a kitten, maybe I would be distracted & wouldn't think about having a baby. Well the next thing you know, we have P-Kitty (Kitty's 'real' name). Seven months later, Logan was conceived.
  3. Last month I was recruited to hold a board position in MOMS Club. This does not surprise me one bit, as I've held some type of leadership position in every organization that I've been a part of. For those LDS (or who have LDS families), I was Laurel president. I was a soccer coach for a couple of seasons. I was the senior assistant in the chiropractic office (& ran the entire place) & the assistant fitness manager (moving up to Fitness Manager, but stepped down after I found out that I was pregnant) at The Gym. This position in MOMS Club officially starts this summer.
  4. I have a box of notes from my freshman year of high school. It's like a time capsule, with notes from all of my friends from the entire school year. A couple of weeks ago, I opened it up & read every single note for the first time since 1995. It amazed me how much time we wasted on writing notes to each other, how boy crazy we all were & it gave me valuable insight at what life with a teen might be like when Logan is in high school. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep them anymore, because I don't want to give Logan any ideas.
  5. Bill & I have a very traditional marriage in which he does all of the driving. The only time I drive the car is when I need it to go to play group or have an appointment. So, I drive maybe twice a week at most. It's been like this from the beginning. When we moved from Vegas to Portland, we became a one car family & I didn't drive at all for four years. My drivers license expired & I ended up having to take my drivers test (just like in high school) at eight months pregnant.
And, walla. Five random bits of information that I've never revealed before. Anyone who is having a hard time with writing content on their blog, or anyone who is a meme fanatic is tagged.

***There's a great update on The Other Blog about cyber client success & I also wanted to give all of the blogging moms a heads up that Erica just signed up too. She has a great goal with some serious humor to go with it!***

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Lizzy said...

Wow, this was really interesting. Especially the "deep relaxation" bit.

Also, I never drive anymore. I always loved to drive--and in my younger days, I'd often just get in the car and drive to...Rhode Island or Bangor or someplace and just turn around to come home. But since we've lived in New York for the last 8 years, I rarely drive. Kris drives almost everywhere. I seem to have completely lost the ability to parallel park and often call him from the street to have him come out and park the car.

But, of course, that hasn't stopped me ONE BIT from being something of a backseat driver.

Thanks for sharing. I'm going to do this soon as I do the previous two memes I was tagged for while we were away! GAH!