Thursday, April 05, 2007

Putting my attorney hat on
Who knew that in my life as a stay at home mom, I would have the chance to try my luck at being an attorney for a bit. Or give in & hire one. But, that's what started the craptastic week this morning. We are being sued. Yes, S.U.E.D. By our STUPID insurance company.

We received a summons for a court date a couple of months ago. When I was served the papers (in my PJ's!), I was fired up. Oh yeah! You want to sue us? I'll show you, you stupid corporate vampire! I'm going to counter sue!

This is the sitch: We had individual group coverage for both Bill & myself when we were working at The Gym. Then I was fired (for being pregnant...yes! Pregnant!!). Bill added me to his individual plan & it became a family plan. We had our premium payments taken directly out of his paycheck. We paid our co-pays before we saw any nurse or Doctor (because they won't even let you through the door of the clinic without a swipe of you debit card, cash or check). After Logan was born, we added him to the family plan. Then there was The Battle of The Missing Paperwork.

Apparently, HR at The Gym has no idea how to handle paperwork. They never sent information over to the insurance company. After many phone calls & conversations with insurance company managers, it was figured out & we were told we had coverage. Or so we thought. After a couple of months, it started all over again. I figured, "Forget it. We'll settle this in court, because I'm not paying thousands of dollars that we don't owe".

So we got served.

We gathered up our evidence that we paid premiums & co-payments (hmmm. Funny that we didn't have coverage, yet they we more than happy to take our monthly payments!) & met with the insurance company's (actually, the credit collectors) attorney. Since people are usually at fault & not The Company, we have a new court date in a couple of weeks where the attorney will look over the evidence & send it to the Insurance Company (who already has all of this evidence on file). I am very tempted to calculate how much we paid in premiums to see if it would be worth it to counter sue. I'm holding off to see what happens, because that could complicate matters & just make it worse.

In a worst case scenario, the insurance company will find fault with The Gym, in which case we'll have to pay the insurance company, then turn around & sue The Gym. Best case scenario, the insurance company will see that they need to figure out how to minimize administrative errors & improve communication with client companies & drop the case.

Either way, this is a huge pain in the butt because two big corporate companies can't find capable people to do efficient work. Hell, it seems like they can't even find people to rub two brain cells together (I know this is very true of the HR department at The Gym). So, we're stuck in the middle of this mess. I'm hoping it resolves before the end of the month (in our favor, of course).


Jake Silver said...

I guess the closest we have is sometimes you're nervous that TRICARE (the insurance company for the military) won't pay if you take your family to the doctor. So far, they've been great to me... but you hear tales...

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Court issues are SUCH a pain. We recently sued our old landlady who was trying to keep our deposit (which was A LOT of money) for unlawful reasons.

No matter which end you're on, it's no fun! I hope your issues get resolved soon, and fairly!

The Bents said...

Oh man good luck with this!!! That have some nerve coming after you guys for their errors and stupidity. Like you said, there's probably a big chance they'll have to drop the lawsuit. It's going to make "The Gym" look ridiculous. Good luck!!!

Aphrodite said...

hey my name is tia campbell, erica campbell's little sister.
i just read a little bit on your blog about your profile and i am so impressed with how much strength and love you have for your family. you dont see many relationships like your's now a days exspecially getting married at a young age.
i envi you so much and i hope to have wat you have someday. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, good luck. That does sound like a huge mess.

After Drew was born and I took him to the Dr. for his 1 week check-up, we found our insurance company had him listed as twins, and it took months just to convince them that I didn't have 2 babies. Every time I called they'd ask which child I was referring to, even though I only had the one!

Lizzy said...


what a spectacular pain in the arse.

good luck with this. i think i would have crapped my pants if i answered the door in my jimmy jams and got served.

then i would've walked around all day saying "you got SERVED!

Mof2 said...

Good Luck...It sounds like a big mess.

Erin said...

Good luck with this issue, I hope everything works out ok for you, and soon!