Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last night we were fast asleep in bed. Then at 2:30 am, I hear all sorts of yelling & commotion outside. It sounded like it was in our backyard. I pop up (like I usually do when I hear something) & look through our bedroom window to see what's going on. I don't see anyone, but then again, I didn't have my glasses on either. Then for some reason, I thought I would be able to hear better if I had my glasses on too (that's 2 am thinking for you).

After I got my glasses on, I could see a bright light shinning into the backyard, like the back gate was open. I could see shadows dancing around on the fence. I heard a deep voice say something like "put your arms down". I was totally freaked out.

Bill got up & looked around. He didn't see anything out the window or when he got up to take a look through the front windows. He got back into bed & just seconds later we heard someone knocking on our front door. The whole time Buddha was barking (doing his guard dog job perfectly) & the knocking only made him worse.

Bill got up to answer the door to a police officer. Apparently, they were chasing some guy & he ran into our backyard. They caught him, but thought he might have broken something. They wanted Bill to go out with them to make sure. Everything was fine.

Bill came back to bed & told me what was up. He got a good look at the guy they caught, as he was handcuffed & sitting on the curb right in front of our house. He apparently looked like some college kid running from a frat party. To top it off, Bill told me he had everything locked up, but found that he forgot to lock the back sliding glass door.

I couldn't sleep all night. I had a whole lot of nightmares. The kind of nightmare that gives you the chills & a really deep sinking feeling when you wake up from it. I hate it!!

At least everything was OK. However, I'm seriously considering leaving a baseball bat by the side of the bed now.

***UPDATE: Bill called the police station to see exactly what happened in our backyard. Apparently, it was a traffic stop where the driver ran across a busy intersection, through an open space, over neighbors fences & ended up in our back yard. The operator didn't know what the traffic violation was for. I'm glad it really didn't have anything to do with our neighborhood.***


Anonymous said...

That is SCARY!! I'm all with you on having a baseball bat beside the bed - we do!

Erin said...

Phew! Glad everything was okay. That is awful, to feel threatened in your own house. We got robbed once a few years ago. The guy trashed our place too. It took a while until we felt secure again. I say, if the baseball bat makes you feel better, than it's worth it.

Lizzy said...

Dude, that sounds like an episode of COPS, except from the inside of the house that is inevitable surrounded by the Po-Po.
At least this guy presumably had all his teeth?

In all seriousness, though...YIKES!

Erin said...

OMG that's so scary! I would have freaked out if I were you. Glad they caught him and all is well.

Emmakirst said...

Definately scary. I am glad all is well and it wasn't a neighborhood thing and just a fluke. I would be scared too.

Wendy said...

SCARY! Lizzy, I thought of COPS also! Glad that all is okay! YIKES

Beth said...

Oh Gosh! Scary stuff! I am so glad it all turned out ok!

erica said...

OMG! :\

Glad everything ended up being ok though. I'd have ended up in a fetal position in the closet crying.

Jake Silver said...

Look, I didn't know it was your yard okay? Could someone please come bail me out of jail now?