Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And now he smells like toast.
Boy, did we have some adventures this morning! We went to playgroup & it was a pretty big turn out. We have a couple of new members to The Club with kids who are in our group, so it was a little larger than usual. The kids were starting to get cramped while playing in the living room, so the host opened up the sliding glass door to the deck. The kids had a great time playing outside, chasing each other & running around in circles.

I was out there chatting about workout stuff with another mom when I noticed that Logan had stuck his head through the slats on the railing of the deck. By the way he looked, I knew he was stuck. I went over to see if I could help him pull his head out, but he was really stuck. His ears were getting scraped & turning red. "Can somebody grab some butter for me please?" I asked.

Logan started to cry because he realized at this point he was stuck & it was hurting his ears trying to pull back through. Some other moms ran off the deck & into the yard to help calm Logan down. My massage friend got the butter & greased up Logan's ears while I rubbed his back telling him it would be OK as he started to scream hysterically. I was feeling pretty calm (& actually thinking this was pretty funny) because I never doubted that we couldn't get Logan out. Plus, the more a mom freaks out, the more the kid will scream. One of the moms trying to calm Logan down didn't really get that. She's a sweetheart & she's a great friend, but she got a little worked up over the situation which just got Logan even more upset.

Once Logan's ears were buttered he slid right out. It was a piece of cake & nothing to freak out about. Logan was scared, of course & I hugged him trying my hardest not to laugh because he had butter all over the sides of his head & in his ears. The other moms were surprised at how calm I was during the situation & I thought to myself, because it's more funny than scary! He was going to get out!

He recovered just fine after some cuddle time on the couch. Not more than a minute later, he was back to running around with his friends, but this time smelling like toast.

Speaking of Logan's friends, many of them are having birthday's in the next few weeks. Logan got his first birthday party invitations! One of the girls is having a 3rd birthday this weekend, one of our best playgroup buddies is having a 2nd birthday party the next weekend & two weekend from that, another one of our best playgroup friends is having a 2nd birthday party as well. We're going to be busy with birthday parties for a while, which brings up a dilemma. What do you get a 2-3 year old who has everything?

I asked my massage friend if Little N needed anything for his birthday. The kid is set for life with toys & clothes, so she said he was fine. However, I don't want to show up to a birthday party empty handed. That's just not my style. I thought about coloring books & other crafty stuff that runs out (or breaks) often, but I might have to brainstorm a little more.

Anyone have some great birthday gift ideas for the 2 year old that has everything?


stefanierj said...

Tub stuff, like tub finger-paint or bubble bath or tub toys--they are always getting nasty and needing to be replaced, and they get used every night!

Playdoh, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, stickers, stamps and washable inkpads--all that kind of stuff is gold in our house.

Hope that helps.

Wendy said...

poor Logan...You stayed so calm! I would have been totally freaking out!

Liz said...

We've had a few 2-year-old parties to attend recently. Mostly girls.

Per my MIL, who teaches 2-year-olds, we've given wonderful dress-up clothes. We bought out the supply at Claire's (butterfly wings, tiaras, boas, a fancy purse, a wand). My MIL says anything they can dress up in, hats, etc...

That's a funny story about Logan. I have a very vivid picture in my mind about the whole thing!

Erin said...

Glad you got him out ok! I think I would have had to freak out at least a little, I've never seen anything like that happen!

Do these kids like books? Hailey's a book fanatic lately, and there are TONS of books out there to choose from. I think the art supplies is a great idea also. For the little girls, I agree with liz...dress up clothes is a great idea!

Erin said...

Ok this is completely unrelated to this post, but I'm having the worst time getting your Cyber button to work on my blog...the picture won't come up????

Kristin said...


That's happened a few times on other blogs, but all of a sudden it seems to show up like it should. It's weird & I'll have to do some investigating if it doesn't work itself out.

Jaime said...

I'm not sure about the present but I'm sure anything you choose will be happily received. ;)

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, I love this blog and your stories.

This reminds me of something my Logan would do! I'm glad he is ok.