Friday, August 31, 2007

Don't call it a comeback
While working through the stress of the lawsuit, the lump, the house that never sold, financial crap & family horror stories going on in Utah; I totally lost my focus on The Other Blog. I wasn't able to write anything, let alone quality content. I would open up the screen & just sit there, staring blankly at the white space in front of me.

The stress even distracted me in developing cyber-training programs. Poor Wendy (who is a freakin' awesome cyber-client, working out with my programs every week since The Blog went live in February) would get emails from me. "Here's half of your weekly routine, I'll get the other half to you tomorrow". I pride myself on meeting deadlines, like everyone getting their entire workout routine on Sunday nights so they'll be ready to rock on Monday morning. I'm lucky that she's a flexible & patient person & that it didn't screw up her training consistency.

After the ultrasound & knowing that I was going to be OK, everything meshed back together & returned to "normal". After the last workout I had with my massage friend, I had a post pop into my head. I wrote it that night when I got home & it was the first content post since The Break. Last night I sat down to write again, only to find that Reuters published this particular post.

Then when I came home from my two hour morning walk with Logan in the stroller, I found that the post I wrote last night was published by FOX News.

So, go check out these articles/posts & there's also a cyber-client results update on there too. After 15 weeks of training, Cheri lost 30 lbs, over 10 inches (close to 5 coming form the waist) & needed a whole new wardrobe before she went on a family vacation. The new wardrobe part made me get choked up with excitement for her. That's just awesome stuff.

Not only did Reuters pick up the F.I.T.T post, but also the BOSU post as well. iVillage picked up the BOSU post & IBS put it up on one of Houston's local news websites & one of Pittsburgh's local news websites too.


Jaime said...

How exciting!!! I'm glad you're feeling better and everything is coming back into focus ;)

Bringing Up Ben said...

You're famous!! :) I knew it was only a matter of time.

Kayce said...

How crazy! That's my news station! Somebody I know has been featured by my news station! I mean, the national ones are probably way cooler, but that connection is crazy. Congratulations!

erica said...

You know, I'm torn on this a little bit. I think it's great that your other blog is getting so much exposure, but I personally don't like the idea that these companies can embed what you write into their news feeds. Something like that just reeks of laziness. They pay people do write articles for them, and now it just seems like they're ripping you off. I don't like that.

Of course, that's just my opinion. It's a good thing that most of those sites linked your fitness blog, however. :)

Dawn B said...

CONGRATS!!! wow, that must be a pretty good feeling. The oooooonly other thing was that I kept thinking, "did they even ask her to publish that"? But then I realized, you wrote it on a public blog. That's the coolest!!!! Again, congrats!

Kristin said...

The way I see it is that I would write on the other blog regardless if I got paid for it or not. As the popularity of Virtual Fitness increases, there is an opportunity for compensation. Although at that point, the majority of income would come from advertisements.

Other than helping people out with health & fitness information, the primary purpose of Virtual Fitness is to market the cyber-training programs. All of this publicity from national media outlets just increases traffic & exposure to online training.

Kristin said...

Actually Dawn, I'm a member of a publishing ring that connects writers with media publishers. The publishers look for particular requirements in order for a blog to be deemed quality content.

If a post meets this criteria, it gets published & the blog gets national exposure. So in essence, they can't just take the content because it's posted on a public blog, but because I'm a member, it gives them "permission" to take what they want.

Erin said...

Kristen that's awesome!! That should draw tons of attention to your blog. I just think that is so neat that something you wrote was put on a major internet site. I would freak if that happened to me!! I'm so happy for you!!