Monday, August 13, 2007

So, this is what happened.
This weekend was kind of interesting. First, on Saturday I cooked dinner for one of my friends who recently had her second baby. I was perfecting a pizza recipe that I'm going to submit for one of the contests. It did not turn out like I had expected, but I have some ideas on how to make it better. The inspiration was lasagna & making that into a pizza. Well, it pretty much turned into a double decker pizza; marinara, different cheeses, fresh basil & mushrooms on the bottom, alfredo, parmesan, basil & grilled chicken on the top. The idea was layers of flavors, just like lasagna, but it pretty much was just two pizzas smooshed together. The top pizza's dough rose too much. It was a lot of dough to be just a "layer". I think I've figured out a solution, so we'll see how that goes.

Yesterday we decided that Logan needed a haircut. His hair was getting so long that it was making him hot & he was getting sweaty hair. I was hoping to just trim it down a bit & get him cleaned up a little. Bill took the trimmer & set to a setting that was too short. Instead of testing it out on the bottom by Logan's neck, Bill sheered his hair straight down the middle of his head. The setting was way too short. So short, that we should have just taken a razor to him & renamed him Mr. Clean.

This is the "male pattern baldness" picture I took mid-shave.

This is "bald boy" checking out the bees in the bush this afternoon.

There are a few more pictures on PhotoBucket of the kiddo post shave. I also have video (finally!) that I'm working on tonight & tomorrow. I hope to have a montage made up in the next few days. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

He looks cute! My oldest keeps his hair like that by choice, now that he's old enough to have some say in the decision.

Erin said...

That is so cute!! He'll be a lot cooler now :o)

Kayce said...

We did that to PJ on his first haircut. We got used to it, and it was probably way cooler in the summer. I let my mom cut it last week, and it looks pretty good for a home 'do.

stefanierj said...

Poor D gets his head shaved just about as short as Daddymatic's every two months or so, poor kid. But it is hella easy for mama!

I was a little disturbed by the MPB pic, but the one of the finished haircut is sooooo CUTE!

Kristin said...


The MPB picture IS quite disturbing! I totally had to post that just to make everyone do a double take :)