Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Strike one
What a draining day it's been today, both physically & emotionally. Logan & I went to playgroup this morning before our appointment with the attorney. He was a bit clingy in the beginning & had been signing "more" & "help" constantly. I need to teach him some new signs because I have no idea what he wants help with, or more of.

It was great to talk with the other moms for a bit & then my cell rang. It was Bill. Apparently, the attorney wasn't the right fit & we had to find someone else. I tried to put on a happy face & went back to chatting & playing with the kids. After a while, someone asked about the situation & I vented, wondering how could I talk about this without tearing up. Others commented on that too. "Wow, how can you be so happy & smile all of the time with this going on? I'm impressed", was the general conversation.

I came home & Bill went to work. While Logan napped, I researched more attorney's in our area, calling for referrals & finally made an appointment with a firm at the end of the week. You know? If you ever need a criminal defense or personal injury attorney, you won't have any problems getting a consultation. But, if you need a civil litigation attorney (especially in a small town), good luck.

After phone call after phone call, repeating the situation to the respective attorney's assistant, it became increasingly difficult to not cry in the conversation. Finally, after I hung up on the last call while Logan was eating lunch, I stepped out on the back deck & cried. I breathed & cried. It was just too much to keep in anymore & everything just kept spilling out.

I pulled myself together & reminded myself that I'm not going to give up. I'm not going to let these companies run us over & into the ground. We are not going down. Depending on what happens in the consultation at the end of the week, my next step is going to the media.

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stefanierj said...

Keep your chin up! I went through something similar with our last insurance company and while it took a while, everything finally did work out. My thoughts and prayers are with you, doll.