Thursday, August 16, 2007

First base
This morning we had another consultation with an attorney. I was very hopeful about this meeting because I actually spoke with the attorney himself, rather than having the case description passed along by the receptionist or legal assistant. He seemed interested in the case & wanted to take a look at all of our evidence.

We arrived at his office & reviewed every last detail of events & documents. He was astonished at the unethical practices of the attorney working for The Insurance Company, who filed the judgment to garnish our wages. Apparently, with one more piece of evidence, our case is a slam dunk winner.

But there's a catch.

While we spent a good hour with him in this (free) consultation & he reduced his retainer fee quite a bit, it will cost more in legal fees than what we would sue for. There are different courses of action we could take, with the attorney writing The Gym a threating letter & (the most expensive option) filing a lawsuit in The Big City. This is going to break the bank because there are major travel expenses involved. Our least expensive option is to contact The Gym (again) warning them that we've sought legal counsel & begin a file in small claims. If there isn't any progress with this direction, my next step is contacting the media.

I've waited to get the media involved because I didn't want to compromise the case, just in case things were to work out with an attorney. We have one more option to resolve this, but if The Gym continues to pull this corporate bull crap, I'm dedicating my days to calling every single news station in the state, every single national station, every paper publication & even emailing Oprah. I will spread the word across the entire world if I have to.

It's not fair or just that a billion dollar corporate company (or companies) can take advantage of working class families just because they don't have the money to defend themselves. As I've said before, we're not going down. We are not going to be bullied & we will not be beat. I'm not only fighting this because of the sum amount being a big chunk of change for us, but my fire is fueled on fighting for the principle. What's happening to us is just wrong & now we have expert opinion on this as well. I'm not going to take it lying down.

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stefanierj said...

Fight da power, sistah. It's actually good that you've been able to find out what to do and that going to the media is a viable option. Hey--it worked for Michael Moore. :)