Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And so it begins.
We meet with an attorney tomorrow afternoon to move forward with the lawsuit. After many follow up calls to the National Director of HR of The Gym (which I will totally out one day so everyone can cancel their memberships. It's probably smart to wait until the case is settled) & no returned calls from him. It's on. Funny, because there was supposed to be this "big meeting" with other HR employees & even Sales Directors that Bill worked under. Considering the lack of communication, I don't think this meeting ever happened. I'm pretty sure we were lied to again. Why am I surprised...

I have a feeling this may be a long ride, but I'm hoping for the best. I will not let our family go down & I refuse to let corporate BS ruin us.

Logan is feeling a little bit better today. No puking, but the other end could improve, if you catch my drift. He hasn't had much of an appetite today & we missed a play day at the local swimming pool with The Club. I hope he's feeling well enough for playgroup tomorrow, because the two of us need to get out of the house. The Little Man is bored out of his mind, which makes for a very annoyed mom.

Well, wish us luck & send us good vibes for tomorrow! We'll need it.

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Alissa said...

Well, good luck! Hopefully the attorney will have some good news for you, something like "Oh, this is no problem at all!"

I bet Logan is feeling better by today. I hope so, anyway. :-)