Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another first! And a bunch of other stuff
As I was brushing Logan's teeth on Monday night, I noticed that his first molar (top left) has finally cut through. Finally! This is his 9th tooth & I hope the other molars are not as slow. It would be great if he got them soon because I would feel comfortable giving him different snacks, like dried fruit (raisins). Plus, the sooner the better because teething really irritates him & leaves him with a wicked diaper rash.

In cooking news, I've got to get moving on the Burger competition that's coming up. The deadline is the 20th of next month. This is The Big Competition too, with the grand prize being $50,000. That would just be amazing & really, a dream come true. I've been practicing with other meals & made a baked macaroni & cheese that is to die for. One of my friends just had her second baby & the Club gets together to make the new moms meals for a month. I made the mac n' cheese for her, along with a salad & home made strawberry shortcake for desert. It was a hit!

This is not a for sure thing yet, but Bill has sent out resumes to different gyms across the country. He got a reply from an owner asking a lot of questions. We might be moving to Seattle if this goes through. Like I said, it's not a solid offer yet, but Bill & I have been talking quite a bit about moving. There are pros & cons to living in a small town & one of those cons is the lack of opportunity in the job market. He's pretty much tapped out here unless he choses a different career path. As much as I love the town we're in (mostly because of friends), I would not complain at all if we moved to Seattle. I miss the Pacific Northwest so much & it would be so cool to live so close to the coast too.

However, the timing couldn't be worse if we moved. This morning I found out that two of the playgroup moms want to start training with me soon. One is the mac n' cheese friend, who is just about ready for her sixth week postnatal checkup. Once she gets the OK from her Doctor, we're starting. The other already works with a trainer, but her trainer might move across the state (Vail, I think). She wants me to train her at her home, which would be great. So, just as I'm building my client base, we're talking about moving. Convienient, isn't it.


Erin said...

I thought about you the other day...I saw an ad on TV for a homemade ice cream contest and something else, I don't remember now...but I thought man I wish I could cook like Kristen and have the guts to enter these competitions! Good luck with the burger one!

I'm wondering when Hailey will start to get molars, she still just has the 8 front teeth too??

You're much braver than me...we're talking about moving just to a different town in-state and I'm freaking out.

Mof2 said...

All great things never seem to happen at the same time! Good Luck! It will all work out in the end. Who knows, there might be a ton of people in need of training in the next town you move too.