Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I shouldn't make promises
Because I can't keep them. Remember when I said that I was going to take more pictures of Logan & even try to get some video? Well, that was a promise I have a hard time keeping. Why? Because we live in a cave.

Since we don't have an air conditioner, we close the blinds & "secure" the house, making sure there is not air coming in from the heat of hell outside. Since we are living in a cave-like environment, it makes for some crappy pictures, no matter what Photoshop can do. I tried anyway, but I'll try to get some decent ones some other time.

Here is his first time on the potty, even though nothing happened. It was more for his entertainment, rather than potty training purposes.

This was from this afternoon. Notice that he is sans clothing because it is too damn hot to wear clothes, even in the house.

He's having a fun time being a space man, even though my first thought was "Buckethead".
So there you have it folks. We're supposed to be cooling off this week, so I'll try to get some pictures with actual light in them. I plan on keeping the camera on me like another appendage.


Liz said...

how cute! (we also have the beebop band! henry also enjoys putting it over his head!)

we bought the bjorn potty and keep it in the bathroom and at bathtime, henry will just sit on it--more for him to get him used to it. last night? henry sat on his potty and read a book. just like poppa.

angie said...

Try downloading Picasa (it's free). It's done wonders for my pictures when they turn out too dark!!!!