Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A few funny things
Here are a few funny things to lighten the mood, because we're going to get hit with another round of drama this weekend. This afternoon Bill "reminds" me that his mom will be here this weekend. Now, I knew she was coming out sometime, I just didn't think it would be now. On a happier note, Bill did get a hold of the top HR guy at The Gym (the highest on the food chain guy) & he will be in Denver tomorrow where he will (hopefully) be having some serious conversations with some people (& including other "higher-up's" in the details). I think we're still going to have to hire an attorney regardless, but at least we're getting somewhere (I think).

On to the hilarity:
  • We've taught Logan how to flex his biceps. It's the funniest thing in the entire world. He even grunts when he does it. We tell him to show us "strong baby" & he flexes (which actually looks like he's just clenching his fists & gritting his teeth) with a grunt. My goal is to get this on video this week.
  • He's been crawling round on the living room carpet with his head on the floor. I don't know why he's doing this, but I'm afraid he's going to get a carpet burn on his forehead.
  • He's been yelling "DA!", "DA!" at the top of his lungs all the time. We now realize that he's yelling at Buddha. Obviously, I yell at Buddha too much (get out of the kitchen, stop barking, stop eating Logan's crackers). The only funny thing about this is that this is how Logan talks to everyone; kids in playgroup, when playing at the park or whatever. It seems to be the only "word" he knows right now.
  • He knows how to blow his nose in a tissue & thinks it's even fun. Hurray for not having to chase him around the house & tackle him with the nasal aspirator!
  • He's been grabbing "down there" a lot after diaper changes & bath. We've decided to teach him the anatomical name. He says "iss". I told Bill this last night & I thought he was going to fall over & die laughing.
  • He's becoming a performing monkey when it comes to sign language. I'm going to get this on video too. It totally reminds me of Buddha. When Buddha is asked to "sit" he sits, lays down & barks (all of the tricks he knows) waiting for his treat. Logan signs every sign he knows when he wants something. "More", "eat", "drink", help", 'bath". This doesn't make it easy to figure out what he wants or needs, but it's kind of funny.
Wow, I have a lot of video homework to do. I've been itching to do another montage too. It's time I get crackin' & get some more pictures of Logan. He's growing like a weed & doing a lot of cute things. And, for anyone that cares, I've changed the PhotoBucket account to private/password protected (family will be getting emails about this soon). Drop me a line if you want the "secret word".


erica said...

Oooh yay for impending video/pix!!

Kira calls her southern region "fine-a" LOL.

Dawn B said...

OH that list is awesome..LOL!!! Amazing how these babies actually turn into these little men huh??
Oh, and James calls his "area" .."this".

Tonia said...

Rece went through a phase where he did all of his signs when he wanted something! And I think at the time he had about 10!