Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Kick em' while their down
This should be a segment in Micheal Moore's new movie, Sicko. It's been no secret over here that we've had a terrible time with insurance coverage. It hasn't been because of any previous condition that nobody wants to insure. No, it's because nobody can get their paperwork straight. It's all administrative BS that we have no control over.

We've met with the insurance company's attorney, sent in all of our evidence of payments & we heard nothing back. We figured that everything was resolved, we proved our case, it was a done deal. WE WERE WRONG.

Yesterday afternoon, Bill calls me from work saying that he just found out that his wages are being garnished by 25%. I just about had a heart attack. If we don't get this straightened out before the end of next month, we won't be able to pay our rent. We are in major crisis mode over here, trying to figure out the quickest solution possible.

This makes me want to kick, scream, cry, have a massive melt down & basically just lose it. We have EVIDENCE that we have paid not only monthly premiums, but all of our co-payments as well. They are saying we don't have coverage because they don't have a copy of Logan's birth certificate. THE ONE WE'VE SENT IN THREE DIFFERENT TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now they're STEALING money from us. MONEY THAT THEY ALREADY HAVE!

Bill is calling higher up on the HR ladder of The (stupid) Gym. We're also calling to set up consultations with our own attorney. I am going to sue the freaking pants off all of these people if we can't pay our rent next month! Screw that. I'm going to sue them regardless. If we don't have an immediate solution (like if the lawsuit drags on forever), we're going to have to make arrangements with our landlords on our rent payment (who will probably understand, given the circumstances), Bill is thinking about taking on a second job & the minute I have to transfer the rest of the money in savings to our checking account, I'm out looking for a daycare for Logan & a full time job for me. We're also considering a cross-country move (again) to avoid this last option if we have to.

I think I would be crying a whole lot more than I am now if it weren't for my sore neck muscles from being sick with the flu. It hurts too much to breath let alone cry. And I'm trying really, really, really hard not to swear every two words in this post too. This is just unbelievable.


debra said...

Kristin, I am so sorry you're being put through this. I hope things get worked out quickly.

And I hope you're feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! That's just awful! I really hope things get worked out, and STAT!

Erin said...

Oh Kristin, That absolutely SUCKS. And the flu and the thoughts about having another kid on top of that... that's some serious $hit to deal with. Hang in there; we're pulling for you!

erica said...

Many hugs, girlie.