Monday, July 30, 2007

Well, we've had all sorts of viruses going around over here. First it started with the computer. Bill got a free wireless mouse & keyboard this weekend & tried getting those hooked up, while also downloading a bunch of other stuff. That infected our poor computer almost immediately. Last night, after hours of messing around with it, Bill announced that he would have to reformat the hard drive.

This wasn't as devastating as it has been in the past, like last summer when we moved & lost everything. If it weren't for PhotoBucket, we would've lost all of Logan's pictures. I did however, lose everything that I was writing for the books (because I wasn't using my brain & backing it up on the external drive). This time around we were smarter & the only thing I lost was the schedule on my desktop calender (which I have sort of backed up in my email). If I lost all of my work with Virtual Fitness, all of the cyber-client workout programs, Logan's pictures & all of the forms & such for MOMS Club, I would have died.

Bill got the computer up & running again (which is working a million times faster than before) & all of our important stuff is intact. Yea for Bill's computer genius.

Then, there was (is) a stomach virus going around the family. Yesterday Logan threw up. It was only once & it wasn't a big deal, so I thought that maybe it was something he ate & it just didn't sit right. He threw up again this morning & it was a bigger deal, but nothing like when he had the flu before the 4th of July (or Christmas). He was fine, running around the house yelling & screaming like he usually does. I stupidly decided to take him out for a walk this morning.

I met up with three other friends for a walk at a nearby park. Things were going fine until halfway through, Logan coughs. And pukes. It was all over him & all over the stroller. I took him into the restroom, stripped him down & rinsed off his clothes. I got him cleaned up & then got to the stroller. He was happily running around while I tried my best to make sure he didn't go playing around in the public toilets.

We left & came home so I could get him to bed & hose down the stroller in the front yard. So far, so good. We haven't had another episode. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Erin said...

I hope it's over, and that you all don't catch it too!

stefanierj said...

Dude, I don't know what's worse-having puke all over everything or trying to clean it off in a public restroom. Kind of sixes, really.

Hope things are's been a tough summer all around, I think. I've got my fingers crossed for ya.