Thursday, July 05, 2007

Celebrating Independence Day
Yesterday was Logan's first real Independence Day celebration. The day started out drab with left over drama from the day before, but after a 2 hour family nap, we were feeling a little more chipper. We had plans to meet one of Bill's co-workers & his wife at the park for a pot-luck & fireworks. We were going to make the appetizer, but our schedules got wacky & we ended up bringing drinks (coke's for everyone, Logan even had a few sips for the first time).

The park was fun, with Logan running around like a wild kid. I took his shoes off so he could run barefoot. The grass at the park was greener & softer than our grass at home & it felt great to be barefoot. We sat around on blankets talking & joking around, Logan running off so far that I would have to jump up & run after him. He was quite a pill & screamed & cried when I held his hand, walking him back to our "place". I swear, it was one of those situations where I thought to myself, people must be wondering if this is an abduction.

It rained lightly off & on while we were there playing frisbee, making us pack up & run for cover a few times. There were other people playing frisbee next to us & not paying attention, which ultimately led to Logan getting pelted in the arm. It left a nasty mark & he was so upset. They were nice about it & felt really bad, offering apologies & bubbles to make him smile. We gave him Bill's sunglasses to wear & he forgot all about being hurt, walking around with a huge goofy smile.

We ate our dinner (pasta salad, chicken, chips & brownies) while random people from various churches walked around handing out glow sticks & bottles of bubbles for the kids to play with. I thought this was pretty interesting (religious marketing & advertising). Logan loved his glow stick though, waving it around & at the end of the night, putting it up his nose.

We waited for what seemed like eternity for the firework display to start, but when it did, it was great. There was music that Logan danced to, making everyone laugh. He sat & cuddled with Bill & they watched the colors dance around in the night sky. That was the best part for me. I couldn't have cared less about the fireworks after seeing the look on Logan's face. His mouth agape, eyes as big as saucers. Just the look of wonder & amazement on his face was priceless. I loved it.

We got home after 10:30pm, with Logan falling asleep in the car. He was able to stay awake the whole time at the park, but once in his car seat, he was out like a light. We had a great time together & we all slept really well. I wish we would've taken some pictures (we even had the camera), but it didn't cross our minds in the midst of our fun.

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Liz said...

that sounds like a great time. our holiday was super lame and lazy, with the rain and humidity, no one felt like doing anything!
in the most ultimate act of lameness, EVER, i tivo'ed the fireworks.
stunning, really.