Thursday, July 12, 2007

The workout that didn't work out
This morning Logan & I got up early to make it to a Strollerfit class. It was an activity on the schedule that I thought would be fun & something different that we could do together. Whoa, was I wrong.

We got there & Logan was pretty good & curious about the surroundings of other moms & kids in strollers. While 3 trainers swarmed around me with paperwork, resistance bands & ball, he was still fine. I felt a little taken aback & claustrophobic with them in my personal space all talking a once, but whatever.

We were going to start with a warm-up on the side walk with the kids lined up in their strollers facing us. The lead trainer had on a headset just like in the aerobics class in the gym (that I don't go to) & was accompanied by some cheesy techno music. This is where Logan lost it.

It started with him fake crying, while I told him it was OK as I was marching in place. Then it progressed into real crying, while I ran over to him, riffling through the diaper bag for his crackers. Then he moved to the full-on-out-hysterical-fit, while I was doing jumping jacks, then running back to him trying to find a toy in the stroller basket. At this point, one of the assisting trainers came by with bubbles to distract him. That worked for 2 seconds. Then we sang songs to him (little teapot, Jack & Jill, etc) while we stretched our calves & Logan was turning blotchy red. I ran back over & got him out of his stroller. He hated that & cried even harder. I picked him up & held him while we continued to stretch. He didn't like that either. I asked him if he wanted a piggy back ride & he started gagging & coughing from crying so hard.

Finally, I just walked him over to the car & sat him in the front seat (thinking that would be entertaining for him, but it wasn't). I was hoping this would be a place for him to quiet down, but it was just another place for him to continue his meltdown. At this point, the rest of the group had run off doing the rest of the workout. I just gathered our things & left. As soon as we pulled out, Logan was happy again.

I guess I'll stick to my workouts in the gym & continue with Logan playing in the child care. That's OK, because I like the gym & what I do there & realized how much I don't like group aerobics classes.


Bringing Up Ben said...

I feel your pain. Same thing happened to me when I tried a Stroller Strides class with Ben.

Jake Silver said...

This reminds me of days when , no matter what, Tate won't let me get through a DVD workout, even though I try to get him to do it with me as much as possible. It's pretty funny.

Dawn B said...

oh that is tough!! Just last night Ricky and I attempted to go out to eat with the kiddies at our favorite family spot. Well, James had a meltdown pretty much the whole time. That sure was one expensive tiny meal. LOL (I'm kind of an idiot too because while I was pregnant with James I would see that happen to people at restaurants and think "oh no that won't happen to us".) suuuuuuure. LOL