Friday, July 06, 2007

Finding solutions
Now that I've boo-hood & freaked out about having to sue two (if not three) corporate companies & all of the money that will entail, we're in go-with-the-flow-mode. Bill is making arrangements with various companies to see how we can temporarily adjust our bills (car payments, etc). We also have our stainless steel appliances (check out the Craigslist link!) that we moved from our other house & put them up for sale. These solutions should tide us over for a little bit, giving Bill time to find a second or completely different job & giving me some time to find something to do without putting Logan in daycare (either training at the same gym Bill works in or possibly even stopping by Starbucks to pick up the early morning sisters will laugh at this).

Since this whole crapfest unfolded, Bill has been doing exceptionally well at work in sales. He's expecting a pretty good commission payout (despite the fact that it will be 25% less). He's attributing it to The Secret (I'll have to elaborate on this sometime later). I'm not very excited with this, but he's even sent resumes out to different gyms across the nation. I know we might have to do it, but I don't want to leave my mom friends or Logan's little buddies either.

Somehow, this will all work out.


Liz said...

"somehow this will all work out."

it will. it always does.

this is currently the philosophy i'm living by. otherwise, i'll lose my mind.

Tonia said...

I hope it all works out and you don't have to move. I know how much I would hate that. But if you find something in Ohio, give me an email ;)