Friday, October 03, 2008

Clearing out the cobwebs
I'm getting some things cleaned up, in more ways than one. At home, our house cleaner canceled her appointment on Tuesday & also let me know that she wouldn't be able to continue cleaning for us due to a schedule conflict. I was alright with that since I wasn't thrilled with her work. She was getting lazy & lacked attention to detail, but then again, she wasn't a professional either. I was just happy to have any help while I needed it when I couldn't do it myself.

Yesterday I interviewed a replacement, who happens to own her own cleaning company. She seems nice enough & it sounds like she will do everything the last girl did & more. She starts on Monday. I'm so excited to continue to have help around the house. My original intention for needing a house cleaner was having help during the pregnancy since I couldn't do any of it at all. Now that I'm no longer sick & completely capable of cleaning the house, it is overwhelming with Logan & Carter to take care of at the same time. I was able to clean the kitchen & living room yesterday while getting the rest of the house picked up & I was pretty stressed - I knew I needed help & was thankful that I had already placed an ad once we got canceled on. I seriously don't know how moms with kids & no help do it all on their own.

On the flip side, I'm home with the kids all day while Bill has the car at work. So, this gives me some time to clean up the blog a bit. I'm going to work on the sidebar, update details & work on the blogroll a little. So, if you have our blog linked on yours, let me know & I'll get you added on mine.

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Dawn B said...

How I manage to clean with no help (barely help from the hubby either even though I ask constantly..he's THAT laid back) I don't know. But then again, the dust bunnies and dirty windows give away my secrets. LOL
I try to just focus on a few major things- a cleared out sink, clean fridge, clean floor (well, at least from the eye's point of, and a clean toilet and tub. Tidiness is definitely beginning to lack now that there are 4 of us.