Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's an all out war
Logan is really sick, throwing up in his sleep from coughing. He spiked a fever of 103.4 at home. Bill took him to the Doctor & he's on steroids to help him breath. Grandma L made another email mistake complaining that she only was "allowed" (written just like that) to hold Carter once to a friend of hers & I got it too. It makes me believe that they aren't mistakes since I didn't say anything to her about the last one & here it's happening again.

I'm tired - emotionally & physically & I don't want to post anymore today. More later...


Debbie said...

The jig is up. I think it's time Grandma L found out she is sending you emails intended for friends eyes only. I would forward it back to her and say: Dear Grandma L, I'm sure you meant this email for your friend Hazel and not for me. This happened last year, too. From your loving DIL. Sorry, I'm being sarcastic, aren't I?

Kristin said...

I certainly learned my lesson from last time & sent it to Bill at work immediately. He reamed her out while coming home to take Logan to the Doctor. She then emailed me, ripping me a new one like it was my fault this was all happening.

In response, I just emailed her the bad apology post from yesterday :) It was much better than the 5 paragraph email I wanted to send but Bill said not to...

Bill & I are seeing our counselor on Thursday to get some guidance on how to deal with this. I'm really happy to say that we're doing OK in our home, no fighting back & forth & I feel like Bill has my back. MAJOR improvement.

It's taken me all of these days to calm down from the visit & I was sure that I was going to feel OK today until I got that email. Now that I've had all day to chill out & Bill has been home to help - I feel alright, just tired. Actually, exhausted. I'm going out for dinner with friends in a couple of hours to get a nice break.

After going through all of this though, I think I'll still be lucky enough to escape PPD.

momto1 said...

I am so sorry Logan is sick. Hope he feels better soon and you had a good dinner tonight.

erica said...

Holy jesus girl. I so want to "visit" with that family. GRRRR, makes me SO mad with the bullshit you have to deal with.

I'm so sorry to hear Logan's sick and I hope like hell Carter doesn't catch it either.

And, L's "email mistakes" are nothing more than passive aggressive behaviour. She can basically say or do whatever she wants in an email, and pass it off as mistake rather than have the balls to own up and say she did it intentionally. *fuming*

But on a more positive and happy note, I hope you had a ripper of a dinner and got yourself nicely sloshed. :D

Mindseye said...

Somebody has a few broken crayons in the box... Holy cow!

I would confront her with a wrath that Satan himself would be afraid of. She's been at this way too long and she still doesn't get 'IT' yet..

Hope the counselor can offer you better advice then to rip MIL a new one.

Enjoy your night out.



Charlie said...

Oh my gosh - Inlaws.From.Hell!!

Dawn B said...

I'll never ever ever complain about my in-laws again.
I am so damn sorry that you're going through this.

Anonymous said...

So sorry your little one is sick, Hope he gets better quickly. However, he could have gotten sick at various place’s such s Mom’s Club or the grocery store.
I have to ask this – doing something once – you learn something (we hope), doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insane. Why do you expect the in-laws to change? They never will as they see no wrong and (beg my pardon, but at their age, they don’t think they need to do).
You are fighting a losing battle – either you accept them as they are or you tell your husband no contact until you boys are able to decide what is safe – in your terms. Otherwise, expect to moan and groan about what they do when they visit.

Kristin said...

He could have gotten sick anywhere, but the likelihood of him getting sick from his cousin who had a raging fever with an uncontrollable cough - not to mention, the entire family is now getting sick (all of the in-laws, Bill & myself), I think it's safe to say that the virus turkey dinner was the source of infection.

On the your other point, you are so right. I don;t know why I expect (hope?) them to change. They never, ever are & it IS a losing battle. Maybe I keep expecting it to happen because I don't want to have to deal with this for the rest of our lives, because without them changing - EVERY SINGLE visit will be the same. I HATE THIS.

I really want to have no more contact any longer. I don't want my kids to have contact with them either. I think they are extremely toxic to us. I know this is an easy decision for me to make since I've already cut my mom out of my life (who is on a whole different level of toxic), but I'm not sure it will ever happen because it will take more than just my decision alone.

Sassy Sarah said...

I'm so sorry you are all so sick. I don't understand how anyone would think that a fever isn't a big deal.

Hoping you guys are feeling better soon!

Erin said...

I am so sorry you're all sick now. :( I hope you all feel better soon.