Sunday, October 26, 2008

A week of Halloween
While we missed out on going to a pumpkin patch this year because we were all sick, Logan finally recovered & was well enough to go to The Farm for the safe trick or treating festivities they have there. Gramps (my dad) & D drove down to visit for the day to see Logan & meet Carter & we thought it would be a good idea to have them come with this afternoon. They haven't seen Logan since he was just learning to walk & what better way to spend some time with him other than begging people for candy.

Logan was dressed as Candy Corn, which was easier than the Mac n' Cheese costume he wanted me to make (yes, he wanted to be a bowl of Mac n' Cheese). Carter was a little pumpkin. He was warm & passed out in the wrap the whole time. Logan had so much fun knocking on the doors & saying "trick or treat" & he was very good at saying "thank you", too. He was so cute & it made for a great afternoon. He got a good amount of candy, looked at the farm animals, went on a hayride & smiled for pictures (a miracle!). It was a little cold out & we were lucky we decided to go in the afternoon rather than at night (like we did last year).

Gramps & D had to leave after we were finished at The Farm because they had to work tomorrow morning & it was a five hour drive back for them. Logan was just warming up to them as they were leaving. Short visits with them are perfect because D is a little odd. Funny odd, slightly crazy odd, but not malicious odd. She's easy to be with in small doses. Just to give you an idea of how weird she is, while on the hayride she exclaimed, "Look! Walnuts! Oh wait, those aren't walnuts" as we rode passed the horses. I don't think horse poop looks like walnuts, but I guess she did. So, she's crazy in the way where you tilt your head to one side with a what the hell? look on your face every time she says something.

So, trick or treating at The Farm kicks off our week of Halloween. We'll go to our playgroup dressed up in costumes, carve pumpkins a day before Halloween, then we will go to the Halloween parade & trick or treating in our neighborhood Halloween night. It's one of my favorite holidays, so I love that we get to experience it all week long!


Catherine said...

What a sweet candy corn outfit, but it would have been cool to see a bowl of Mac N' Cheese ;)

momto1 said...

Super cute pics! I love the idea for the candy corn outfit--did you make it?

Joanna said...

So cute...Sounds like and looks like ya'll had a lot of fun. Awesome sewing skills by the way! I had to get someone to make Kelsie's and hers was just a shirt sorta thing! : )

Sexy Beast said...

absolutely adorable little boys you have there, thanks for sharing