Friday, January 30, 2009

The sasquatch family

There are times that I am thankful I have boys. One of those times is when I think about the genetics that Bill and I have passed down to our kids. To be blunt, we are some hairy people. I kind of think that our family is proof of evolution, because without razors, we are one step away from primate. This alone would cause any girl to become a hermit. Or invest in Schick.

I'm pretty sure that if I didn't shave, I would be mistaken for a wookie. The other day I caught my reflection in the side mirror of our bathroom and swore I was looking at Tom Selleck with the 'stach I had going on. I usually bleach my upper lip, but since you're not supposed to do that while pregnant, it was obvious (to me) that it had been almost a year. Bill's pretty much looking like Tom Hanks a la Castaway with the beard he's growing and very, very proud of. I would not be surprised if he painted a face on one of his disc golf disc's.

I am not a fan of hair in general, and especially facial hair. I go through razors like no other and on Monday night while out with the girls for margaritas, they were shocked to hear that I don't kiss Bill because of his beard. Really, if I wanted to make out with a face full of fur, I would kiss our cat. The topic came up because I have this yummy chocolate chap stick that would be a great make-out chap stick, yet it sits on my nightstand all by it's lonesome. He says he'll shave once he reaches a certain weight goal, but he won't promise to keep it off (the beard, that is).

So, in the recent weeks, I've noticed that Logan will be destined to deal with this as he gets older. His peach fuzz is getting darker on his back and hairline and I've also noticed that he might even grow a unibrow. I am not kidding. Once this kid hits puberty, he might be mistaken for Teen Wolf and we will have to show him the ways of manscaping.

It is at times like this that I am very thankful we have boys, because it's socially acceptable to be a hairy man - within reason. If I had girls, we would have to join the circus as bearded women.


Anonymous said...

us gotta love dark hair..

Mindseye said...

So that's why I could never get a date in high school! Go figure.

Wendy said...

hee...I don't mind Michael's goatee, but if he tries a beard or mustache I refuse to kiss him as well. Number one it's pokie and number two it's just gross, lol! My arms and legs have always been super hairy and now I am noticing my upper lip hair darkening. Damn old age ;) Have you ever waxed? Do you get it bleached somewhere or do you do it yourself?

angie said...


SwizzlestickMama said...

hee, hee! I don't share that problem, although, my husband is quite the hairy man.

C said...

My girlfriend doesn't like it when I grow a beard either :(