Monday, January 05, 2009

Teaching him early

Just as Carter is growing faster than I'd like, Logan is doing just the same. Logan has taken on the roll of Big Brother like a duck to water. He is very helpful around the house, but I've also started to notice he's being resistant to doing his chores. When asked to pick up his toys, he often responds "I'm too little to pick up my toys". I usually tell him if he's too little to pick them up, then he's too little to play with them. He's also beginning to tell us that he'll do it later. I swear he woke up and was a 15 year old in the body of a 3 year old.

Bill has had him doing some chores around the house, helping to feed Kitty and Buddha, letting Kitty downstairs to her litter box and Buddha outside to the back yard. We decided to teach him a little more about responsibility and have him do daily chores regularly. We're making a chore chart tonight and he's going to get an allowance rather than the matchbox bribery to be good at the grocery store. If he earns his allowance, he can spend it on whatever he's like. And the bonus is that if he's good and does all of his chores, he'll most likely earn more than $1. Also, if he continues to be a pest to the pets, he will lose his earnings. We hope this teaches him about consequences.

Not only is he getting a chore chart and an allowance, he also had a bed upgrade this week. Remember the mattress that Aunt Ju-Ju tried to steal for Grandma L? Well, since it wasn't the mattress they wanted, Aunt Ju-Ju and Uncle J returned the borrowed one. By dropping it off while we weren't home (when Bill told her that we were busy and not home) right in the middle of our driveway against the garage door. Nice, huh.

Anyway, we've decided that our extra guest room is the home office and we didn't want to store the mattress in the garage. So, naturally, Logan's toddler bed went into our storage space and he got the queen sized bed. He loves it and jumps on it all of the time. It's pretty cute. But every time I walk by his room, it looks like the room of an older kid - not a preschooler. It's a little weird.

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