Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bargain high
The last few weeks I've been doing a bit of bargain shopping. I've mentioned my coupon trading site (where I just received a TON of trading coupons in the mail yesterday) & some of the deals I've found online (like the $50 pearl necklace that I got for $2.00, the Calphalon gift set that I got for free & I just got my $1.99 cookie cutters this afternoon).

The weather is getting cooler & Logan needed some warmer clothes, so I hit the sales on Sunday. I got him a bunch of new pajamas, a new pair of shoes, couple pairs of jeans, a couple of shirts, hoodies & sweat shirts & some lounge around the house outfits. I spent less than $99 & saved over $126. Carters, Oshkosh & The Children's Place were all having 50-70% off sales & I had a few coupons to boot. It was awesome!

I cleaned out Logan's closet & sold his clothes at the second hand boutique yesterday. I should be able to pick up what they didn't buy along with a check from what they purchased & go buy him some more clothes. The sales that I found were actually cheaper than buying his clothes at the boutique. You can't beat that.

I'm going to have so much fun shopping for Christmas presents this year!!


Brandy said...

Kristin, check out what we have in our area... www.growingkidssale.com it's great and two times year and we love it. Maybe they have something like this where you are? I'm sure you would have heard about it though... We sell and shop and find great clothes and better deals! I look forward to it, and get lots of Davis' shopping done there, and make a little $$ too! I'm all for that!

Kristin said...

Thanks Brandy!

I've seen ads for something like this in our town, but never made the effort to go. I'll keep my eyes open for the next event & make sure to go!!

Jaime said...

You sound like me, I'm always out for a good bargain!

Speaking of Christmas, I'm itching for Halloween. I've pulled out all of my decorations and have put up a few that go with the fall season.

I love the holidays ;)