Friday, September 28, 2007

It's about time
I finally got my hair cut today. Do you know how long it's been since I've stepped foot into a salon? Almost 2 years. Logan was 3 months old the last time I had a pair of scissors near my head. And, at that time my hair was long enough to donate to Locks of Love. Not the case this time around. Apparently my hair grows slower than molasses in the dead of winter. It takes 10 inches or more to be able to donate & I didn't even have 5 inches to pull into a pony tail. I was very, very surprised.

I love the cut. It's a cute shoulder length cut with side swept bangs (which I haven't had in over 10 years). I have before & after pictures, but I don't feel like posting them. It's just that after staring at myself in the mirror for a straight hour & a half, I've developed a complex. I'll post them later.

1 comment:

Jaime said...

I bet your hair looks awesome!!! You didn't happen to pass by a meth lab on your way back home did you? (sorry bad joke lol!)

I can't wait to see pictures!!! =)