Sunday, September 30, 2007

It can only get better, right?
This morning Bill got a call from his mom letting him know that his grandma passed away earlier this morning. It's been expected to happen for quite some time now, as in months, & we all knew that it was going to happen any day.

She was in her late 80's, small & frail & living with dementia. For the last few months, her body was giving out. Her lungs were filling up with fluid & they had to be drained every 4 weeks or so. The last time this happened (about a month ago) the Doctors said that they weren't going to drain her lungs any longer. The rest of the family made plans with the medical staff that when her lungs filled up again, they were going to give her morphine for a pain free passing.

Two weeks ago, Bill's dad went to say his final good-bye's & make funeral arrangements (much to her dismay, but that's another post for another day). She wasn't ready to go at that time & held on for another couple of weeks. Last night Bill got a call from his mom saying that his grandma was down to 58 pounds, refusing to eat & not letting the nursing staff do anything to help her. We knew it wasn't much longer until she let go.

Aunt Ju-Ju sent Bill a text message later in the morning saying that Uncle J wasn't going to the funeral & said that it should just be the two of them that go up for the services. That really made me upset. I'm really getting tired of this "let's keep kicking Kristin out of the family" crap. I told Bill that as his wife & part of his family, I wanted to be there for him. We didn't have much time to talk about it as I had to run out the door to train both my photographer & massage friends in a park boot camp session.

There must have been something in the air because all three of us showed up with little dark clouds of gloom. We all had started the day out with unpleasantness & while it was great to have good friends to talk it over with, it made for a less than stellar workout. We totally lacked energy & enthusiasm. At least we did it, though.

After the workout I came home & Bill & I talked about our travel plans. We decided that Logan & I were going to stay home after all, only because it would be the easiest way to go about it. We wouldn't have to lug Logan's car seat everywhere & also deal with bedtime /naptime fiasco's now that he's sleeping in a toddler bed. Or, live through a terrible two's tantrum meltdown in the middle of the funeral services (which we both know would happen & it wouldn't be pleasant). So, Bill is going to be gone for a day & a half while the kiddo & I hang back at the house.

We had our family photo shoot for Christmas card pictures scheduled for today & despite the mood, we decided to keep the appointment. My photographer friend met us up at a mountain park in the canyon where we could get pictures with the beautiful fall colors. Logan was a "challenge" to say the least & out of the hour & a half we were there, he screamed & cried for about 90% of it. It was frustrating & exhausting (for me, anyway). It's a good thing she's talented because I thought she would only get unhappy, grumpy pictures. She emailed me with a couple of samples. They look great. I can't wait to see the rest of them.
This last one is where Logan is throwing a tantrum, trying to run off, kicking & screaming. I had to grab him by the arm & the leg to bring him back. I'm surprised you can't see steam coming out from my ears, or horns growing from my head.

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I'm sorry for your family's loss..