Monday, September 24, 2007

Food for thought
I was going to save this post for a rainy day. That just so happens to be today. Since we're stuck inside all day & without the car, it's perfect. Girl From Florida posted food pictures last week & asked if others wanted to join in. I'm all for food content, but I don't have any competitions this week. In fact, prior to yesterday, we didn't have any food in the house. Our cupboards were bare. We were down to rice & beans, both of which Logan wouldn't eat anyway.

We stocked up on all sorts of good food, so now I have ingredients to cook with:
The not-so-good-for-you stuff is all Bill's (Deli meat & mini bottles of Jack Daniel's)

Same thing here. The pizza is Bill's.

The potato chips are for Bill's lunch, even though I want to eat the whole

I could live on chicken noddle soup. And we seem to have a TON of pasta.

We obviously aren't in to the low-carb diets.

This is all my food (& Logan's too). Bill won't touch anything here except for the bananas. It's to the point where I want to get another fruit bowl. I don't have enough room for everything!

So now that I have food to cook with, this is what I'm eating today. It's actually a very typical day & I eat this "routine" often. Clearly, it's nothing special or exciting:

Whole wheat mini-bagels with light strawberry cream cheese, strawberry slices & a huge cup of mocha-latte flavored coffee with sugar free hazelnut flavored creamer.

Not pictured, Logan had a pancake with strawberries & milk. He doesn't like cream cheese.

Left over pasta with ground turkey meat sauce & a little Parmesan, green beans with pepper & a nectarine.

Not pictured again, Logan had a cheese quesadilla, grapes & green beans (most of the green beans were thrown on the floor to Buddha & he didn't get pasta because I didn't feel like cleaning up tomato sauce).

Tuna & cherry tomatoes drizzled with olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

Logan had raisins & goldfish crackers.

Ground turkey taco with avocado & tomatoes ( I usually have lime juice & cilantro to add, but I forgot to buy some this week).

Logan had sweet potatoes with broccoli & plain yogurt, since he's pseudo vegetarian & very picky.

And there's my boring food journal in picture form. Hopefully I'll make something more exciting later this week. Hopefully I don't eat all of Bill's potato chips, either.


Erin said...

Everything is so organized, I'm so jealous!

girl from florida said...

LOVE IT!! What a well-rounded meal plan! Seriously, it makes my meals look like utter crap, your meals are so delicious and colorful. YUM!!

Juggle Jane said...

Wow. Your fridge is so clean and organized. You can actually see all the way to the back! Your meals are so simple yet so healthy. Why can't I do that?!?! Now, I am craving that tuna/tomato yumminess.

Kristin said...

For those who've started my cyber-training program & have the nutrition plan, everything that I ate (minus the tortilla at dinner) is exactly the same! (although I needed to eat a lot more of it...)