Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Name that rash!
There's never a dull moment when you're a parent, that's for sure. After Logan's adventure with hives & a trunk rash last Friday, the flare up lasted all weekend to where I was getting concerned. It didn't seem right & I was worried that he was eating something regularly (like wheat) that might be irritating his poor little body.

I called to follow up with his referral to the allergist on Monday morning, where I found out that his insurance policy had been canceled at the beginning of last month (for no apparent reason - it just happened). I had to fill out a form at our pediatricians office to have faxed to the insurance company so they would cover a denied claim (his check-up was 10 days after they canceled his insurance) & we would be able to send in the referral as well. Now we sit here & wait while he has this rash.

This morning we were getting ready to go to playgroup & I checked my email. Half of the kids wouldn't be there because they were sick with colds & one of them was at home recovering from roseola. I had to do a Google search to find out what it was. Now I'm wondering if Logan had it.
He's had cold-like symptoms all week, but we thought it was allergies especially since Bill's allergies have been acting up too. That with mysterious rashes & hives, it made sense to me! Logan did have a fever the other day (yesterday? Monday? I don't remember), but it wasn't bad enough for me to go get the thermometer. He seemed fine & wasn't burning up. Then yesterday he developed a flat purplish rash across the bridge of his nose, arms, legs & trunk. This is when I started freaking out inside because I couldn't take him to the Doctor. Bill reassured me that Logan was fine because he wasn't itchy or bothered by it.

Upper respiratory symptoms, trunk rash, fever, purplish rash over entire body & totally grumpy attitude? Umm, coincidence? Maybe not, but then I'm not a Doctor. I just pretend to be one.

So, he's acting fine without much of a rash (now it just looks like typical eczema) & we're still waiting to hear back from the insurance company so we can get his allergy tests done.


Liz said...

i had roseola when i was a wee baby....with a Very High Fever and the rash. My mom did the lukewarm/cool bathtub thing with me: 10 minutes in, 10 minutes out.
and roseola is pretty common amongst the toddlers.
shitty news about the insurance, but in an emergency or with an illness, couldn't your pediatrician's office just hold off on billing until the insurance stuff is sorted out?
(H had his 18 month well visit yesterday, but we hadn't received the new insurance cards yet, they're just waiting to bill)

Kristin said...

With our luck with insurance, I don't dare do anything like that unless someone was bleeding, missing a limb or dying.

We've already been saddled with over $3,000 in bills that were supposed to be covered.

Liz said...

bah! i totally understand.