Thursday, September 06, 2007

Double the pleasure, double the fun
It's official. We're speaking to an attorney to proceed with another lawsuit, this one against Bill's current (soon to be former) employer. What. The. Hell.

He met with the owner of this gym this morning (let's call this one "small town gym" & the other one "Big City Gym" just to cut down on the confusion). They told him that he's causing too much trouble & stirring the pot & tried to fire him on the spot. They compromised with letting him finish the sales leads he currently has & they will part ways on the 15th.

In the meantime, Bill got a call from the techie-kind of job he interviewed for yesterday & was offered the job. He goes in tomorrow morning to shadow & officially "accept" the position (& find out the actual pay structure). So, the situation could be a whole lot worse. We're confident that everything is going to be A-OK.

The attorney that we met with for the Big City Gym case is out of town until Tuesday. We'll try & meet up with him again to see what we can do in the small town gym suit, be it a dispute solely on the commission or possibly that & a wrongful termination case. At the very least, we can file this with the State Labor Board & go through a mediation process.

It's at this point that I can see why I went through all of that crap trying to find an attorney for the Big City Gym suit. Now I know exactly who to call, what to say, what employment lawyers in our town offer free consultations & what to do in situations like this. We actually "have" an employment attorney that we've met with & have a connection with. Proceeding with the small town gym lawsuit will be very easy & virtually stress free. Imagine that! I still can't believe I'm saying "stress free" & "lawsuit" in the same sentence.

It's just strange to realize how life events eventually fit together like puzzle pieces. We knew Bill's time at the small town gym was coming to an end. Last week we had a "money versus morals" discussion at dinner, where Bill was telling me some underground news about the fitness industry here in town. We've known for a few years that the Big City Gym had purchased land to build their first club here in our small town. Since we've worked with the Big City Gym, we know the world domination that happens when they first develop in a town. It's oddly similar to the movie Dodgeball. The Big City Gym is definitely Globo Gym.

Bill learned that the Big City Gym is breaking ground in 4 months. They will set up their sales trailer until the building is completed by late spring/early summer. When the Big City Gym opens, all of the average Joe gyms will go under. Only the boutique gyms will stay in business. The small town gym? It's an average Joe gym & we know they won't make it.

Before all of th developments this morning, Bill was talking about possibly going back to the Big City Gym, even though we are currently proceeding with a lawsuit. His mentality was "if you can't beat em', join em". Financially, I can see his point. Emotionally, it was like a kick in the gut. I started to cry in my salad thinking about dealing with them again. I mean, they fired me for being pregnant, they screwed up our insurance paperwork & refused to fix it so now we're in this legal mess & overall, I just want them to burn to the ground. The Big city Gym is a multi-billion dollar gym, so that's never going to happen. They're just going to spread all over the world like the plague.

So, this change of career is prefect timing. It's kind of funny how all of this is feeling more like a nuisance rather than a huge, stressful upheaval. All I have to figure out is where I'm going to train my friends. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get into the small town gym after the 15th. I'm getting my thinking cap on...


Liz said...

I hope it's not rude of me to comment, but I think given the shit that Bill (and your family) has been through, a career change sounds like a good idea. Maybe something with a regular salary vs. commission or f*cked up salary structures?
I mean, I know Bill's good at what he does, but The Man will always find a way to nickel and dime you.
Anyways, we're pulling for you guys. You always find a way, and I have complete faith that the right thing will be just around the corner for y'all.
Hang in there!

Kristin said...

Thanks Lizzy-

Funny thing is, the new career path is still in sales, just a different product/service. So, there's a base salary but mostly commission (again). We'll see how this one works out.