Friday, September 14, 2007

Bye-bye binkies!
Today has been hellish. Logan has been a handful all. day. long. He's literally driven me crazy. I am so exhausted, both mentally & physically.

This morning we went to the Canine Learning Center for a tour with The Club. Logan wasn't listening to me & running off. I kept having to pull him back, grab his arm, hand or the hood of his hoodie. We were there to learn about how to approach a strange dog & see an agility demonstration. Apparently, Logan is still too young to stand & hold my hand for 5 minutes. But he was more of a booger than ever, with other moms actually commenting about it. "What's his deal today?" He was much happier after the demo when the kids were let loose to run the agility course themselves.

He keep up with the whiny, temper tantrums for the rest of the day. When it was nap time, I gladly put him in his room. I was so frustrated, I looked for his binkie & when I couldn't find it I thought, too bad so're not getting it & I don't feel bad about it!

He actually took his nap fine without it. He cried for a minute, but he was already crying anyway & it didn't last very long. The rest of the day was pretty much the same, but I discovered a huge rash on his chest & stomach in his after-nap diaper change. It was there that morning when he woke up for the day & I thought it was eczema. His rash got worse throughout the day & by bath time he had some full blown hives.

I did the usual rash/hive/eczema routine with the baking soda bath, but it looked bad enough & itchy enough to use an antihistamine. I think his throat might have been itchy because he was scratching at his left ear. I also mixed some calamine lotion in with his everyday lotion & lubed him up. I got some loose fitting PJ's on him & put him to bed...without his binkie again. He did fine. He cried for no more than a minute (more like 30 seconds) & he's been asleep ever since.

I hoping the rash is a freak incident, but I'm calling his Doctor on Monday to follow up with the referral to the allergist (because it seems like they've dropped the ball on that). However I'm hoping the binkie weaning is not a freak incident, because so far & given the circumstances, it's been really easy!


Liz said...

Wow! Very brave of you...I keep talking about it, but we haven't quite Gone There.
I wonder what the rash/hives were all about? He's clearly not allergic to dogs, because y'all have one, right?

Dawn B said...

HOLY COW! That WAS easy. I am envious!! James still uses his..*hanging head low* And we know he won't let easy. lol
I hope Logan gets better real quick!! Hives are so mysterious. Natalie had a case of it about a month ago and we still don't know why. I hope you find out!

Kristin said...


It's not the pets, as far as I know, but I've made a follow up call for the referral to the allergist. I should hear more about it in 2 days.

Also? He is totally weaned from the binkie! It was very, very easy for us & I'm more than thankful for that!