Monday, April 14, 2008

First day at the park 2008
After having a snowstorm with freezing temperatures in the middle of last week, it's finally warm enough to get out & enjoy spring. Today was the first day that it was over 65 (it was actually 75) & it seems like it might be a consistent trend (maybe). I got the Walking Group re-organized for this year & we all met this morning for a long stroller walk & ended it with a picnic in the park.

I picked up our stroller from the bike shop this morning, since Bill dropped it off to get the tubes in the tires changed (I love our stroller because of the tires, among many other reasons). I was praying that Logan would be good & sit in the stroller this year, since last year he was getting a little antsy about being confined. But, to my surprise, once he saw the stroller all he wanted to do was go for a ride & freaked out when I told him that we had to wait until we got to the park.

The walk was great & Logan was very good, eating snacks & watching the scenery change. We walked next to massage friend where Logan & Little N chatted their toddler gibberish together. We saw a fox run by, squirrels & many, many birds. The kids had a great time & the walk (an hour & almost 3 miles) made me tired & out of breath.

When we got the playground Logan was like a caged animal let free. He ran everywhere, climbing on everything & throwing sand in his hair. It was pointless to tell him to stop getting dirty in the sand. I had to pick this battle. He was covered in dirt & grime after swimming in the sand (seriously) & making sand angels. He had a ring of dirt around his eye that made him look like a puppy with a spot. All I could do was sigh & tell myself that this is what little boys are all about - sticks & rocks, running, climbing & getting absolutely filthy.

After hours on the playground, we headed on home with Logan instantly falling asleep in the car. He only slept for 10 minutes & that was his nap for the day. I tried to take of his sand-covered clothes & change his dirt-filled diaper while he slept, but that was a futile effort. I was also an idiot & forgot to put sunscreen on the both of us. Logan's cheeks & forearms are a little pink, while my entire torso, shoulders, arms & hands (I was wearing a camisole) are slowly turning bright red. Not only was it our first day at the park this year, but it was also the first sunburn, too. Hello skin cancer.

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Jaime said...

First, I'm happy you had a wonderful day together! But that sunburn...this weekend we had a pretty day and took all the kids outside. We put the boys into tanks as it was warm and they were running around...

That night their little arms were so sunburned...I had no clue! I feel your pain!