Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Small funny moments
Logan loves to watch Dora in the morning. I think he started watching it because one of the girls in The Club is obsessed & when he was over there for Date Night, the obsession rubbed off on him. He loves every episode & loves to repeat parts before they happen.

Yesterday while getting his snacks for the walk, I grabbed a small bag of apple slices & grapes & handed it to him to hold. He handed it back saying "Abre". I looked back at him with my head tilted to one side. 'What did you say? Abre? Is that the spanish word for open? Can you say 'open'?". "Abre", he replies. Now, I'm all for our kids being bilingual especially in today's society, but since the boy is having a hard time speaking period, I would rather he start using his english language first. Then we can move onto spanish after that. And after I start studying myself, because 2 1/2 years of spanish classes did nothing for me.

This afternoon Logan & I went shopping for maternity clothes because as of this morning, I have a belly (that looks more like a gut). But still, it's bigger & now I need new pants (pictures coming soon). I found a cute pair of khaki cargo capris for $12.00. It was an awesome deal. After we checked out & I was getting Logan out of the cart (& breaking the 25 pound lifting limit for pregnancy) he suddenly looks around with wide eyes & perked ears. "Mack? Mack?", he says excitedly & starts staring that the video surveillance monitor.

It turns out that the music playing in the store was none other than "Life is a Highway" by Tom Cochran, which just so happens to be part of the Cars soundtrack. Specifically, when Mack is driving Lightning McQueen (aka Queen car in our house). I tried my best to get him out of the store without having a meltdown - which was successful, by some odd miracle. I had to laugh though because he knows the movie by it's soundtrack. Um, I think he's watched it too much.

He knows that we buy baby clothes at Old Navy. Whenever we walk in (which isn't often) he always asks, "baby clothes?" We bought some clothes there for a baby shower recently & he helped me pick them out. Now all he thinks we do at Old Navy is buy baby clothes.


Smurfett said...

i wouldn't worry too much about him speaking spanish before he speaks english. He lives in an english speaking world, and you guys speak english, no matter what he'll pick up english fast. And kids are very capable of being bilingual w/ no consequences of one language being better than the other.

Isn't it kind of funny though? How they pick up language so fast from watching tv?

Jezer said...

I LOVE this age (of course, I say that about every age)!

I speak fluent Spanish, but not often at home--since I'm the only Spanish-speaker in my house, I'm usually just talking to myself. Needless to say, Al has no Spanish words, and I'm almost ashamed to admit it.

Eriness said...

That is funny about the Mack comments because everytime the song by Smashmouth "hey now you're a rockstar, get you game on, go play..." plays, my daughter says SHREK! Or if she see's the Dreamworks logo, she says that is SHREK! I feel your pain!

Erin said...

It's so funny what they pick up from TV!

That song is the "car song" to Hailey. LOL She's always asking for the "car song" in the car. She used to be obsessed with that movie.