Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is this the end?
We're having some sleep issues in our home right now. It hasn't been fun at all & has been very stressful. Logan wakes up at 6AM almost every morning. He goes down for a nap (sometimes unwillingly) after lunch around 1PM. If he decides to actually take a nap, he'll sleep until 4-5PM (if I let him). So, it's obvious that he needs the nap because he's out for the count for so long. After dinner, Bill tries to wear him out a while longer & we get Logan to bed between 8-9PM. However, he's been fighting it like no other & not actually going to sleep until 10-10:30PM.

This is where we're having problems. Sleep is a constant battle. We'll, who am I kidding? Everything is a constant battle. But it's like pulling teeth to get him to bed - be it a nap or bedtime. I'm tired of fighting it all of the time. I'm ready to just give up. If he's tired, he'll sleep. I'm just waiting for him to get so tired that he passes out on the lawn from exhaustion.

So, last night at 10:30PM after Bill discovered Logan had quietly escaped out of his room & clogged his bathroom toilet with toilet paper, he suggested that Logan just sleep for an hour. We'll that's a fine idea, but the reality is a little scarier than that. Logan is much like me in the way that if you're going to sleep - you sleep as long as your body needs to. If someone wakes you up - the whole house better be prepared for a grumpy rest of the day. Considering that Logan is often grumpy enough as it is, I would rather not risk making his tantrums worse.

That's why this makes no sense, but I'm going to try it anyway. We're giving up naps. This kills me because I either get a bunch of stuff done that I need to (computer work), I take a much needed break or take a nap as well. Now, I just keep truckin' along in the day until Bill comes home to take over.

Today was the first "No-Nap" day. I've been resting on the couch watching Logan play in the backyard. He's been keeping himself busy & getting absolutely filthy in the sandbox. He'll come in & out of the house as he pleases, shows me some rocks that he found while I just stare at the dirt all over his face. The boy reminds me of Pigpen in the Charlie Brown series. The only problem we've had today was his refusal to diaper changes. Today is a no-fighting day, so if he refuses to get a diaper change - fine. When it bothers him enough, he'll eventually let me take care of it. But for right now, I am sick of tired of yelling, convincing, bribing - everything. I'm sick of it all & I'm waiving the white flag (& just seconds into typing this sentence, Logan came up to me & told me that he had a poop. He willing went upstairs for a diaper change where I found that not only did he not have a poop, but his diaper was practically dry - after not having a diaper change since 7:30 this morning. It's time to start potty training).

Anyway, so far so good on the No-Nap, No-Fighting day. I think as long as Logan can play outside as much as he wants (which is fine by me!), we'll be good. God, I love spring & summer! Now we'll see if this works with Logan going to bed a decent hour & sleeping in a little bit more (at least until 7:00). Keep your fingers crossed!


Alicia Seevers said...

Sounds like you've figured it out. I think he will go to bed early and possibly sleep longer without the nap. It's not worth fighting over. It will just make both of you miserable. If he's tired he will lay down and crash during the day.

angie said...

No naps?! God bless you ;-)

Dawn B said...

It's so are one step ahead of me when it comes to this situation. LOL!!!
James is a good fighter with naps, too.. and sometimes he wins, sometimes I win. But, it's not worth the hassle. This week he hasn't had naps and is doing great. He's zonked out by the end of the day. If he had a nap he'd fight going to sleep at the end of the day too!!
I miss the break during the day when he naps..but it's almost impossible to get he and Natalie to nap at the same time now so the break is gone now. LOL And has been for a while. But, hey if you get too tired during the day, especially now because of the pregnancy, don't hesitate to give him like an hour of quiet time in his room so you can take a quick nap at least!! You've gots to get your rest mama. lol
Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

The only suggestion I have for you is to let him sleep less during his naps and then placing to bed at about 8 each night, it sounds like he is sleeping too much during his nap, sleeping 3-4 hrs for a nap and waking up for only 4 hrs to then sleep again is unrealistic with children. In order for him to sleep at 8 after a 4 hour nap, you would have to spend the 4 hrs between the time he woke up at 5 to 9pm at the park , getting him tired. Long naps= less sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, don't give in to his bad mood if he wakes up after a 1.5 nap and he doesn't want to , moody, well ignore him, yes simply ignore him, it is not hard at all.

everyone who is awoken is moody but that's life so learn now, because in school there is no 4 hours naps.

Jaime said...

Each of my children went through periods like this. I'm sorry it's happening to you.

I hope he sleeps better at night without the naps but I'd suggest that if it doesn't appear to help maybe you give naps one last shot (each child is different, he may do wonderfully).

Great pictures below by the way!