Friday, April 04, 2008

Possibly another rambunctious future soccer player
Wednesday night after picking Bill up from work, we decided to go grocery shopping to take advantage of "double sale day" at our local grocer. We had been talking about coffee & how much I've missed it. Our grocery store usually has their store brand samples out (it's a farmers market kind of store) & I thought after not having had coffee since December, a sample cup would hurt anything. But, they were out. However, they do have a coffee shop inside & after deciding that I was out of the first trimester, there's no longer a risk of neural tube defects or an increased risk of miscarriage, one latte isn't a pregnancy sin.

Oh, was the cup of coffee so, so good. After our shopping trip, I just felt all warm & tingly - like a coffee hug. I realized how much I missed my morning coffee even more.

Later that night as Bill & I were sitting on the couch watching TV, I felt some jumping around in the belly. "I think I just felt the baby kick." I said, but not really quite sure. 15 1/2 weeks is kind of early to feel any kicking. I felt Logan at 17 weeks & even that was a little early. As the night went on, I kept feeling kicking & there was no other explanation. My baby was bouncing off my uterus, no thanks to the cup of coffee, I'm sure.

I wasn't 100% sold that I would feel the kicking again, but everyday since then I have. This isn't the "butterfly flutters" pregnancy books often describe fetal movement as. This is a full on thrust or solid kick to the gut. It's not uncomfortable at this point, but I think we're looking at another boy who will be just as feisty as Logan (Good God. Help me now). Logan used to kick the crap out of me & got so strong that his kicks literally made me jump off my seat. If this baby is kicking this strong & this


Dawn B said...

Wow! Gotta love those baby kicks..nothin' like it. ;) Enjoy!

erica said...

The early kicks are so awesome aren't they? :D

Congratulations and you look positively wonderful!

Anonymous said...

That is great news.I always loved feeling those kicks.Thanks for all the words of encouragement.

Anonymous said...

15.5 weeks isn't too early. That's when I felt Lilly for the first time.