Monday, April 07, 2008

In between
Saturday night Bill & I went out for Date Night. As I was getting dressed, I noticed that my jeans were getting a little too tight. I kept them on & continued to put on my make-up & get Logan ready to go to the sitters. It didn't take long for me to realize that if I was going to eat any food on our date, the pants would have to go.

Fortunately I was smart enough to keep my maternity clothes, what little I had. Bill always makes fun of me for getting rid of stuff & during the time that I swore Logan was going to be an only, I'm shocked that I kept them. I put on my maternity jeans & holy crap - were they baggy & falling off my waist. I still wore them out to dinner, even though I kept having to hike them up every five seconds. I wore them again when we ran errands & it felt like they were hanging half way off my butt - saggy pants style (gag).

I'm stuck. I don't fit my regular clothes, but I don't fit my maternity clothes at all. It seems as though I'll be wearing my workout clothes all week (& how is this different than any other week?). I'm not a fan of the rubber band trick (I can just see that thing snapping me in the belly button) & I'm sure as hell not going to spend $25 on a Bella Band, seeing as though I wouldn't spend that much money on even one pair of maternity pants. Ugh. Maybe I'll have to.

So, this week I'm rockin' the workout clothes then going shopping this weekend for clothes that will fit me better & hopefully last longer than a month.


Dawn B said...

Rock on with those workout clothes mama! LOL
Gosh I remember going through the same thing! And I also remember living in drawstring-workout-type pants for a while. And also..I still wear them now. Luckily they were just larger sized pants and shirts since I gave all of my maternity away to a friend (who decided to throw them out instead of using them. Most of that stuff was brand new!
I need new clothes.

Liz said...

look on ebay for a belly band.
i didn't fit any of my old maternity clothes body just rearranged itself. i went to motherhood and found a pair of jeans/pants that i liked, got the size right and then went home and looked all over ebay for the same ones.
in the end, i spent the $30 on the good pair of jeans and, frankly, i wear them every day!

Erin said...

I was always afraid of using a rubber band I used a pony tail holder. Did the trick, held really well and never broke on me once! :) The in-between stage is rough...

angie said...

Do you wear skirts? They have really comfy ones with elastic in the waist so they'll expand with your belly. May be a nice thought with warmer weather coming and all.

Jaime said...

There is nothing wrong with workout clothes =) I was lucky and held on to all my maternity to fit into. Jim says by holding on to them all it was my 'curse' to get pregnant each year. LOL

erica said...

I was wearing trackies because my regular 32" (sniff!) stopped fitting me about oh, a month ago? I got so lucky a couple of weeks ago and found some fantastic maternity cargos at BigW (very similar to Walmart) for $30 but they only had 1 pair in my size and I haven't been able to find anymore like them. (cry) I'm absolutely dreading the clothes thing as I get further along this time as we're in Winter now. :(