Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Martinis, chocolate and gossip

Since becoming parents, Bill and I have been able to figure out a good balance between parenting and our individual social lives. Bill has his disc golf leagues, poker nights, Rock Band with co-workers and various fantasy sports leagues. I have working out at the gym (when I can stay there without a phone call requesting my return to take care of a screaming Carter), Moms Night out , "Unofficial" Moms night out and cooking club. I'm actually pretty impressed that we have this balanced and that we're both happy with the arrangement.

On Friday I went out for Moms Night Out with The Club. Bill and Logan had a party together, eating ice cream and watching Logan's favorite movie. Since Carter is pretty clingy and exclusively nursing, he gets to dress up and tag along with. He's really good while we're out, so it's not an issue at all. There were eight of us that met at a dessert/chocolate bar that I've been dying to go to. It's a VERY small space and since it was a Friday night, it was packed. You could hardly walk between the tables. Add a baby in a carseat carrier and a backpack for a diaper bag and I felt like a bull in a china shop (and I did knock a glass off someones table while leaving).

Photographer friend carpooled with me and with the exception of two ladies, everyone else was a member of Logan's playgroup. We all get along very well and enjoy each other's company. I had a chocolate espresso martini and a slice of bourbon pecan pie with whipped cream. It was delicious! We hung out and chit-chatted about our kids and various other mom-type conversations. It was fun and low-key. A nice night out with friends and a great time for Bill and Logan to spend some quality time together.

Last night was "Unofficial" Moms Night Out. This is a group of four other friends who are currently on the board now or were on the board last year (or both) and this is where the fun really is. Our nights are always interesting with juicy conversations, loud laughter and a time where we can blow off some steam. I always have a fabulous time with these friends (both photographer friend and massage friend are part of this night out) and we stay out so late that we're usually there until the staff start closing up shop.

Last night we met at a new restaurant close to home where I had been looking forward to this dinner for a long time (for many reasons). I had brie stuffed salmon with pesto sauce - so, so, so good. We talked about everything from explosive breast milk, the shocking and disgusting experiences in child birth, what should be called "how not to kill your children" seminars, crazy family members and the stupid things our husbands say and do, among many other things. We're always interested in what the other restaurant patrons seated next to us think. We're guaranteed to get some kind of "look". Oh, the stories from these nights...


Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I love that chocolate "place" to refrain from naming it...the chocolate mousse is awesome and I love the little chocolates that come with the coffees! I love ladies night out, it really helps me keep my sanity!

momto1 said...

We are still working on this...no balance here. My life is completely mom-dom. I have very little time to myself, and I really, really, really miss it! It is great you both have your own interests and things to do! The chocolate place sounds amazing!

Ashley said...

Man! I want to go.