Monday, November 03, 2008

What's new on the home front

After winning the battle against the virus, Logan is feeling better, although still coughing something nasty and will probably do so for a few more weeks. Bill had the flu over the last week and is back to work this morning. Carter has some sinus congestion that makes it difficult for him to breath at night, which scares the crap out of me and I don't sleep well because I'm trying to listen to him all night to make sure he's OK. He's been sleeping upright in his bouncer right under our humidifier and I've been doing some sinus pressure/massage on him as much as I can. Before he got this crud, I discovered that his left eye had a blocked tear duct so the tear duct massage and sinus massage go hand in hand. As far as I can tell, his tear duct is open as of this morning. Hopefully, his sinuses will follow suit.

Now that Halloween is over and we have a truck load of candy and our November activity schedule is a little light, I've decided to wage the war on potty training. Logan put up a fight to wear his underwear this morning, telling me that he only wanted to wear diapers. I told him that we were all out and he had to wear underwear. He then opened his closet door and pointed to the diaper stash. "Look! There they are! Diapers!". He's a tough one to trick. I pulled out all of his underwear and he felt better about picking out a pair (stripes, not Cars like I thought he would have wanted). So far so good.

We've been talking about his Potty Party all morning. If he is successful in potty training (or rather, when) he will get a HUGE Potty Party. We'll get balloons, chocolate ice cream, candy, toys (the General Lee car that's been sitting on the mantle for months, The King and Mater from the Cars series) and invite all of his friends over to celebrate - all of which he specifically has asked for. If this isn't motivation and bribery, I don't know what is. I've pretty much promised him everything but a pony if he stops wearing diapers. It's too bad that a sticker chart wasn't enough motivation for him, but I'm down for a Potty Party if it will save us some cash at the grocery store.

Wish us luck! We're going to need it!!


Catherine said...

A potty party?! That is awesome! Good Luck!

Joanna said...

Potty party? Cool idea! Have fun and good luck!

e said...

Good luck and my fingers are crossed for you guys!!! Btw the potty party thing is an AMAZING idea!

Dawn B said...

What a cool idea!! Good luck!!!
(oh and I had to add this about the party thing.. I asked James today if he'd prefer a party for his birthday or a big gathering at the aquarium and he was very adament about having a I had no idea 2 year olds cared until now.)