Friday, November 21, 2008

So that's where our mail went

Another great aspect of being members of our MOMS club chapter is the educational activities that we schedule for our kids. We try to make sure we tour a local business every month. Last month was a pizza shop where the kids learned how to make a pizza. Then they all ate their own pizzas afterward. We had to skip out because of Logan's garlic allergy (how mean would that be to go & then tell him he couldn't eat it). Other tours that we've scheduled have been at a doughnut shop, the airport, a pet shop and this morning we went to the post office.

Logan is at the age where he is curious about how things work and he really understands the age appropriate explanation. He also really enjoys getting the mail from our mailbox every day or so, so I thought he would get a kick out of learning about how our mail actually gets there. And he did!

We started out in the lobby where the postal worker talked to the kids about PO Boxes. She was great because she explained every aspect and process in a way that preschoolers could easily understand. It was perfect. After touring the lobby and talking about stamps, parcels and how people drop off their mail, we went into the back to see the behind the scenes action of the post office. The kids saw first hand what happens to our mail after we drop it in the mailbox. They saw how they canceled out the stamp and watched the letters fly through the sorter to it's specific mail carrier (which was really kind of cool - especially when we were told that this machine often starts fires when the mail gets stuck in it). They saw the semi-trucks that transported mail to different areas and met a few mail men loading up their mail trucks to deliver the mail in town today.

Not only was I impressed with the postal worker and her ability to easily educate our small kids, I was equally as impressed with Logan and all of his friends. Everyone was well behaved and listened intently. There were no tantrums or screaming, no running off, no lectures about listening. They all followed directions and it was a very pleasant experience for everyone. I'm so glad we were able to go!

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girl from florida said...

amazing! I can't believe they sat still for that. I can envision Amelia running around like a maniac, screaming NO really loudly, or just wandering off. Maybe I am underestimating her, but I gotta say, Logan is such a big boy!!