Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

It's been quite some time since Logan had a haircut. He was getting this fro-mop-shag style going on and it was driving me crazy. I wasn't too impressed with his last hair cut at the kids' salon and I wasn't thrilled with the $20 charge that goes along with it. However, Bill had been banned from giving our kids anymore haircuts since Logan's bald-boy cut (remember that one!?). Well, he had been trying to convince me that if we got a new set of clippers he would be able to do a better job. While shopping last week we found a color coded set that pretty much guaranteed a dummy-proof cut. So, we bought it.

Over the weekend Bill sat Logan in the kitchen chair and began testing out the different color/length guides. There was hair everywhere! Logan had a great time telling Bill what color guard to use next making it a family effort. Once we figured out the right lengths, Bill cleaned it up a bit. By this point Logan was getting restless and wiggling around. He was starting to whine and made the mistake of not keeping his mouth shut. "I need to go to the Doctor! I got hair in my mouth!", he screamed while spitting. That was seriously the funniest thing I've head in a while.

Bill did a pretty good job. Not exactly salon quality (from the good stylist, Bill's cut was much better than the crappy stylist), but it was pretty close and it worked. In that one cut, the clippers paid for themselves and now that Logan's hair is short, the next cut should be easier to style and maintain. This is one of the good things about having boys - home haircuts are easier to do and if all else fails, you can always shave their heads.

Fro-mop-shag a la' bed head

Bill's barbering skills

GQ cover pose


Joanna said...

Looks great! And you know what...I do Zack's hair. It's sorta silly the prices that they charge for guys hair cuts when they can be done at home. Of course, I can't tapper and so Zack just gets buzzed, but it's ok for us! : )

Smurfett said...

oOOO...I'll be interested to know where you got your scissors and what the brand name is.

Have fond memories of my mom cutting our hair when we were kids.

Dawn B said...

My mom cut our hair too.. all 7 of us. lol
And yeah, I'd like to know what clippers you bought also because we love the place that cut James' hair but that price tag just won't work.

Sexy Beast said...

all I can say is he is the most handsome little boy I have EVER seen

Kristin said...

I'm going to have to double check, but I'm not exactly positive of the brand. We got the set at Wal-Mart, so it's got to be everywhere. It's pretty basic with all of the guards color coded & I don't think there was another brand like it.

I'll have to check - we threw out the box already :(

angie said...

WooHoo, what a cutie!