Friday, November 07, 2008

Mission accomplished!

With the exception of bedtime, Logan is 100% potty trained during the day - pooping included! YEA!!!! He's been great about peeing in the potty all week. He had very few accidents, maybe one or two. The accidents that he had were because he didn't want to stop what he was doing (playing with cars or watching cartoons). It was interesting to see that holding yourself while doing the pee-pee dance is an innate response. Logan would often be found grabbing himself refusing to go. "I know what you're doing. Just go sit on the potty", I would tell him. "NO!", he would scream at me and run off. I'm glad his stubbornness resulted in only one accident.

I even took him to the drop-in child care center wearing his underwear yesterday. Both Carter and I had last minute Doctors appointments, so Logan went to play there. I packed an extra outfit just in case and told him that if he needed to go potty, then to let them know and he could go potty there. If I picked him up in the same clothes, clean and dry and he went potty there, I promised him a special surprise. He did great having no problem at all using the potty there without my help. I was so proud of him! On the way home we made a special stop at the store to get him a matchbox car.

Pooping on the potty was a little more challenging. He had pooped on the potty once and pooped in his pants twice. I knew he was holding it in too, because he wasn't pooping everyday when usually he is very regular. We've been home all day and he's been in his underwear all day. I knew that he had to poop. He would come running around the kitchen corner in a panic. "Wanna go potty! Wanna go potty!", he would whimper almost in tears. I would help him get set up only to have him declare that he was all done when nothing was actually done. We did this about 10 times (no exaggeration). It got to the point where Logan was asking to take a nap knowing that he would have a diaper on (and this is also when he would have his "scheduled poop". He always pooped during nap time). Finally while trying to calm Carter down (who may have colic), Logan went into the bathroom by himself without saying anything, then came out to declare that he pooped in the potty. I put screaming Carter in his swing to check it out.

He actually, really pooped in the potty all by himself. No help from me at all in getting him undressed. He pulled down his pants, got up on the toilet, did his business and got down to tell me all on his own. I jumped up and down clapping and laughing at what he did. He was so excited and proud of himself too. We called Bill at work with the good news. On his way home from work he's picking up The King and Mater from The Cars series along with some balloons. We're having our Potty Party tonight!


Erin said...

That's awesome!! YAY Logan!! Isn't it just amazing the first time they do it all by themselves! It's like they just grew up all of a sudden. So neat :)

angie said...

Completely 100% Awesome!

Isn't when they go totally on their own just the best?

Way to go Logan!

Dawn B said...

I am in awe!!! Way to go for Logan!! I'm thinking the potty party may be the only way to go for James. He is one stubborn child. We're getting him the Bjorn seat (29.99 for that sucker) but only because the insert we have sucks (the splash guard always detaches and falls into the toilet..blech). And James actually prefers the toilet and likes to flush it. lol But uhh..I'm still working on him having something to flush. *sigh* I do know this..we're working on getting Natalie trained in a few months so I'm sure he'll be eager then. lol

Dawn B said...

and by soon for Natalie I mean when she turns two.. lol Sounded like I was rushing it..although a diaperless house is my fantasy.

erica said...

Hey how did the Potty Party go?