Friday, December 05, 2008

Bound and determined

I spent all day yesterday marketing for new clients. 16 new clients is quite a feat. I have never taken on that many online clients at one time - 5 or 6, but nothing more than that (one-on-one sessions is different - I think the most was 40 at one time). But, 16 really is a Christmas miracle if it comes to fruition. I've put it out there as much as I could think of yesterday and some MOMS Club friends are helping out by passing the word along. One friend signed up for a month, another posted a facebook note and sent a mass email to her contact list. A few moms at Logan's school offered to help, passing the word along to other Moms groups in town and another friend sending the info to her husbands office. There have been bloggers asking for info too and I have a couple other people I'm waiting to hear back from. So, it's a start!

I am bound and determined to do this in 2 weeks. I know I can do this if I keep at it and stay positive. Which I am. It's a challenge, but not impossible.

I am so thankful for all of the help that friends have been offering - email chains, asking around and helping to get the word out to everyone they know. I appreciate every single effort that's been made for our family in this insane situation.

And to repeat the mantra that got me through the last battle for our family: Stay positive.

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