Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas at home was adorable, thanks to Logan's pure excitement about Santa and opening presents. On Christmas Eve he was too worked up to eat dinner before opening presents, so we changed our plans and let him have at it. He was so stinkin' cute! Thrilled with everything he got, after each present he exclaimed, "Thank You! Thank You!". The video we got of him opening his favorite present is priceless. He was very helpful and opened Carter's presents for him, telling him how "so cute" his new binkies were. 98% of Logan's presents were Cars paraphernalia, which he loved and he had plenty of time to play with his loot before bed. At bedtime, he loaded up his arms with all of the cars he could and made his way up the stairs, telling Bill that he didn't need help carrying them up because he was a big boy. We got a kick out of that.

Christmas morning was classic when Logan woke up and came into our room at 6:30am. Bill explained to him that Santa had been there and filled his stocking. After he got it, he ran into his room and was ecstatic to find more cars. He made his way down the stairs to find more presents. He was entertained and occupied all morning.

Christmas was adorable thanks to Logan's pure joy of it all. We loved it!

Christmas Morning 2008

Carter's first Christmas and quite possibly, Logan's favorite so far.

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Mindseye said...

Adorable! I LOVED the video :) Carter always has a funny face on.. and it is classic.