Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The trainer needs a trainer

I have to laugh because it really is funny. My motivation to workout is zapped, but once I get there, I'm good to go. The 8:00pm workouts are a little rough to get started, especially after a long day of wrangling kids and whatnot. It helps that I'm training a client in the gym twice a week, so I have to be there regardless of how I feel and I have to workout with her at the same time, too. But the days that I don't want to go, Bill is cracking the whip pretty hard.

It seems as though almost every night, all I want to do is hang out on the couch and veg. Bill starts off by saying that I should go because I'll feel better. I ham and haw for a while and he pushes even harder. Then I get a little irritated and he tells me that he knows how much I really do want to go and that he's trying to help out. I'm pretty anxious about gaining weight on the medication and he knows how much it bothers me. I mope around getting my workout gear together and head out the door. It's funny because I do end up having a pretty good workout and come home feeling better. Hmmm, you'd think he was a personal trainer! It also makes me think that I need to be a little harder on some of my clients. I'm getting first hand experience of being pushed into working out. Sometimes, that's what it takes.

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Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Luke has to push me out of bed in the morning to work out...if her doesn't I will alwaus choose sleep over a workout.