Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting his learn on

Logan has been back in his preschool prep class since the beginning of the month (the next "grade" up from this summer). I've noticed how much he learns in the short time he's there. Everyday he comes out of class talking about something new and throughout the day comes up with the most random conversations.

They've been learning everything about winter the last few weeks and he constantly talks about snow and what it's made of. He describes every part of it: white, cold, wet and the articles of clothing he needs to wear while outside - scarf and "glubs" (gloves). He talks up a storm when he's in school and I've noticed that while on his fall break, we got a little lazy with making him respond to conversation. I might have to find a way to keep him going until he actually enrolls in preschool.

The other day we were driving home from dropping Bill off at work. There's a grassy field that we drive by and in the summer it's full of prairie dogs. He noticed that they weren't there and asked what had happened to them. "Well, they are in their beds", I told him. "Oh, in their beds in the holes?", he asked. "Yep. In their beds in the holes because it's cold outside", I replied. "Prairie dogs need jackets", he told me. It took everything I had not to laugh hysterically while driving and getting us in to a car accident.

He's also growing up every single week, I swear. Last week he had show & tell at school and Bill thought letting Logan take his camera was a great idea. It was! He came out of class telling me about taking pictures of his friends. He turned on the camera and gave it to me to look through. It looked like they had a great time taking pictures. It gave me the warm fuzzies that he had so much fun while learning.

This morning was his last day at school for this session. They ended it with a big holiday party complete with a little program that the kids put on. Logan's first assembly! It was so cute! They came out into the gym where the parents were seated shaking their bells while they all lined up. Logan wandered around looking for us at first and after Bill redirected him back "on stage" Logan smiled and smirked. I couldn't help but laugh. While they sang "Jingle Bells", Logan walked off to the side almost in the audience to participate. Hilarious! They sang a couple more songs - something about snowball fights and "Animal Actions" where they imitated elephants, birds, snakes, cats and monkeys. Again, Logan was so funny to watch.

After their program the parents and kids went back into the classrooms to do craft projects together. Bill was able to take the morning off from work, so he was the lucky guy to do the project with Logan since he doesn't get a chance to otherwise. They made pine cone ornaments, snowmen made out of socks and reindeer out of Popsicle sticks. There was a gift exchange and Logan received a pretty cool present - a couple of balls that light up when they hit the floor.

After the party, Logan and one of his favorite friends, Little A (I guess they aren't so little anymore!) ran around together in the gym throwing the balls that Logan got and wrestling. They had a great time and it was a really fun way to end school for winter break. I don't think we'll go back for January, but maybe in the spring (depending on how the whole preschool thing works out. God! Preschool!)

*I have video of the assembly uploading and it's taking FOREVER. It's also out of focus in some parts because we were in the back row and too far away. The video is like the ones people torture their friends with ("hey, look at my kid!") when the parents are the only people who find it interesting. So, there's a boring warning for you. The family reading this will get a kick out of it though.*

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