Thursday, December 08, 2005

7 months pregnant with Logan.

Not one of my best pictures, but I've given up on looking "normal" until he's 3 months old.


goal10der said...

Hey, this is a pretty interesting idea. I like that you're willing to share your life out in the open on a blog. Keep writing, I'll keep reading! Good luck!

Kristin said...

I really didn't think that anyone other than my friends & family would read this :)

*Jenny* said...

Hey Kristin! I loved your blog! I am happy to say it helps me to feel like you are not so far away from us. I am so excited for you and Bill. You have changed so much it is amazing. I love you! Robin and I will keep reading. XOXOXOXO your sisters Jenny and Robin

Kristin said...

This blogg is a good way to get the scoop without racking up the phone bill while I keep you guys hostage :)
Love you too,
Your big sister & soon to be little nephew.