Monday, December 12, 2005

The thrid trimester blahs.
Everyone tells you that the third trimester is uncomfortable, but for cryin' out loud, this is rediculous! Let's starts from the top:

  1. Headaches & neck tension (nothing compared to the first trimester dehydration headaches though).
  2. Allergies & sinus drainage. I swear I go through a whole box of tissues in 2 weeks!
  3. Odd metal tastes in my mouth, similar to blood. Thank God for gum.
  4. Gingivitus & cavities! I've never had a cavity in my life until now!!
  5. Heart burn/acid reflux. This is by far the most annoying thing happening right now. I can hardly eat anything. I've had to cut out all acidic foods, live on Zantac & sometimes it gets to the point where I have to sleep propped up.
  6. Rib pain/tenderness. It feels like I've been kicked in the sternum (I probably have, actually) & it also aches in my mid back between the shoulder blades.
  7. Difficulty breathing. I get winded going up the stairs!
  8. Nausia (again, not nearly as bad as the first trimester, thanks to zofran). I never thought I would feel like I had the flu or had an upset stomach for 9 months.
  9. Lowback ache. The gravitational force pulling my stomach forward really doesn't make the back feel great. I have to use pillows for support when I'm on the couch watching T.V.
  10. Lower gastrointestinals are not quite right. Enough said.
  11. Restless Leg Syndrome. I wish I had an inhouse massage therapist, because foam rolling just isn't cutting it.
  12. Feeling fat & incapable of doing anything, like getting dressed. Socks are the most difficult & I sound like I'm lifting weights when I try to get up from the couch or get out of the car. Ooomff, Uggh!
Wow, now that's a list. The good news is that he's almost here. I just have to endure this crap for about a month & a half.

Becomming pregnant really is a complete sacrifice of yourself, your whole being. I always thought that it would be an incredable experience to have 2 cells come together & develop into a human being, all inside of me. The concept is amazing & really, the whole process is too. I just never completely understood what it would take on my part. Nobody can really prepare you for those kind of changes. My body is not my own right now. It feels very strange, like I have no controll over it. In reality, I don't. For someone who is a control freak, it's definitly a learning experience.

Enduring these sacrifices is a true testiment to the complete love that I have for Logan. It has created an unexplainable bond, that I have been willing to give every aspect of my body & life to him. Before this year, I was always too selfish to think about having a baby. Now I'm glad I've grown up & have a chance to be a part of life, even if it is painfull.

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